Error while checking out Altair licence

Once I configure Feko application in Compute Manager, I submit after submition I got the following error message.
Unable to check the license.

while running the FEKO application on HPC cluster i am getting the below error message.

RUNFEKO Version 2017.2-15 from 2017-03-28
        Copyright (c) 1999-2014 Altair Development S.A. (Pty) Ltd
        Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Altair Engineering, Inc.

SECFEKO Version 2017.2-26 from 2017-05-26
          (compiled for target PC_LINUX_EM64T_MKL, 64 bit)

ERROR  9223:
  Error while checking out Altair licence

For more information, look at the output above.

RUNFEKO will be terminated (caught signal 15)

Linux Desktop Righ Click Not Working Print Screen Not Working

PROBLEM 1: desktop right click is not working and Print screen is not working
 PROBLEM : User home directory is not mounted.
Solution : Mount the user home directory properly, then the problem get solved.

PROBLEM 2 : when the user try to login, it will accept username/Password. But instead of login to the window further it will show the login screen again.
Root Cause of the Problem : .bashrc or .cshrc file PATH environment variable is not properly set, Due to this all the important/basic vim,ls command won't work.
Solution : set the Proper PATH for environment variable , then the problem get solved. So, if the user is unable to login,

SSH Passworless Access Maintain Correct Permission For Home Folder

While doing ssh passworless access. Home directory .ssh should containt
700 permission it should not open for others like with permission (744).if it is open then we will get
error message
Permissions 0740 for '/home/username/.ssh/id_dsa' are too open.
It is required that your private key files are NOT accessible by others.
This private key will be ignored.
bad permissions: ignore key: /home/username/.ssh/id_dsa

[kamalr@admin ~]$ ls -l /home | grep jais

How To Create Custom Resource On PBS

1)create the resource.like lscratch on compute node
/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv ->
[root@n001 mom_priv]# file lscratch
lscratch: Bourne-Again shell script text executable
[root@n001 mom_priv]# cat lscratch
echo "$(/bin/df -BG $LSCRATCH|tail -n 1| awk '{print $4}'|tr [:upper:] [:lower:])b"
[root@n001 mom_priv]# ./lscratch

2)Add the script into config file
[root@n001 mom_priv]# cat  config
lscratch !/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/lscratch
<resource-name> !<absolute_path_of_the_resource_scrtip>

Go To The Server
1)Add the Resource to the scheduler

Booting Error - Invalid Partition Table.

Problem : After installation of the Linux operating while booting OS- I am getting Invalid Partition table on the screen.

Root Cause of the Problem : Partition table store in the hard disk mbr(master boot record).
Here the problem, system have two hard disk. so, while booting it is booting from the second hard disk which is does not have os and partition table.that is reason we were getting invalid partion table.Once change boot device priority into first hard disk then the problem has been solved.Os has been booted.

NOTE: depends on the first boot device priority- BIOS it will load MBR/GPT into boot memory from the first boot device.

Study the different between MBR and GPT. - Troubleshooting