NGINX Reverse Proxy My Installation Experiance

Before Troubleshooting what I have the plan to test
1) http80 multiple locations check 80 webservers (working fine)
1.1) add SSL certificate - (working fine) 
1.2) try rewrite option test it - (checked but not working fine)
2)http80 root location work 443 web server add SSL(automatically redirect hero into https)
3)read man page for nginx.conf and default.conf to get any information related to SSL and multiple locations - Not preset
4) read error log access log slowly and understand and take action related to that - (Not that much helpful)
5) search in the forum first read everything carefully and note down the possible solution and try it. - (I have read it, But, I don't have time to implement everything what I have studied)

1)always enter with https://blrcm-new/
Assumption 1)only ssl dynamic site is not working with multiple locations. So we need to concentrate on the rewrite rule.
Real Solution: it is not related to the rewrite. After properly configured the proxy_pass then the dynamic site is working fine. And the previous configuration also while checking
https://blrcm-new/2017 is redirected to https://blrcm-new/pbsworks/index.jsp (when I am changing this into https://blrcm-new/2017/pbsworks/" it is working.
1)Finally problem, I have change proxy_pass URL from proxy_pass http://blrhpc2017:8086 to  proxy_pass http://blrhpc2017:8086/pbsworks;Then it is resolved
2)if I have added anything extra like slash / at the end proxy_pass http://blrhpc2017:8086/pbsworks/ that is also causing the error.
So to resolve this kind of issue, we have to do the things like machine learning - carefully study the system behavior and do the next step.