How To Work Effectively In The Office

Table Of Contents

Thought Process

Taking Decision

Develop Your Skill

Thought Process | Building foundation

During Transaction | Self-realization

Build Your Attitude (Godly Virtue)

Power of Thoughts

Good Vs Bad Platform Transaction

Plan Your Day Ahead

 Negative Thoughts Vs Peace Of Mind
Bad Platform Root Cause Motivation To Work Everyday

Thinker Dreamer Doer

To Avoid Bad Eco System

Needs Theory of Motivation

Improve Your Concentration

How To Evaluate | Don’t Take Decision Early

How To Get Social Attachment

Wake Up Early

Taking Decision in Short Time | Save Time Quick Decision

Are You Talent?

Invest On Your Health |  Hardwork Perseverance Faith

To Know the Hidden Truth

Habits For Great Success

Desire To Grow

 Taking Risk

Make People What you want By Talking

Stress Limit | Self-Recovery


Successful People Always do This

Be Humble Firm Don’t Be Naive


Best Practice

Thought Process | Building Foundation

     For Good building how the foundation important, same way for Good successful life good thought process important. Without proper plan(thought)/simulation we can't succeed in real life. Our thoughts have great power. This thought process we can enhance through proper documentation, blogging, & interact with social platform.

Power Of Thought

    Through your thought process, bring your skill, talent and uniqueness. you have to make strong your good thought process. All good thoughts (Product) created in two times,

  1. First in your thoughts
  2. Then in reality
Note: Without Right attitude, if we have thought process, it won't prosper.

Negative Thoughts Vs Peace of Mind (Righteous)

    Negative thoughts when it comes again and again, if we listen to that our life become powerless. we have to handle our negative thoughts properly. When we have our Negative thoughts, we have to bring into prayer (ask to God's wisdom). if we are really serious about our life and thought, definitely God will help to get answer through any Godly Man or Bible. if you are really more stress about your negative thoughts, take notes on that and ask to any wise /senior person, who already face the problem and overcame that. Negative thoughts are really painful.

        Negative thoughts opposite is Peace of mind (Nobel thought). So, if you really want to get peace of mind, you should have clear conscience with God and man. Then only will give you joy (money alone won't give joy, we are just steward of that property), and also don't stop that itself, instead have connection/relationship with any righteous(honest) people, who are utterly truthful in terms of Money and human relationship. Without have good social connection we can't grow. As for me, join the Church which is built on the Biblical foundation, and value Christ Glory on this earth.

Fix Your Thinking Before Start To work On The Problem

    Towards in our working environment, we have to relate our problem (negative thinking) into solution, we have to think how can make this situation into positive aspect for everyone. For security reason we have to think negative side also. To overcome negative thoughts, we should have faith/hope, but it should not be overconfidence. So, we have to make sure whether our faith/hope is really meaningful and would help others, or else later we would suffer, we should not hold negative thoughts for long time. This would hinderance to produce the quality outcome. it is not about how you work, it is also matter how you are handling the stress/fear/uncertainty. Don't be very happy or very sad. One negative thing will create lot of other negative thoughts, so everything avoids on the Frist instance itself. People will get advantage over us through thought and creating bad platform (what we are thinking on that). 

if you are ready work hard, Lot of people will try to help you. Instead, if you are lazy, other will try to avoid you. if you are really work hard, God will give you the righteous life. So always make sure whether you are using your talent properly without wasting. Lot of people also start to listen you, when you are hard work, discipline and righteous. if you are really work hard, your self-awareness would be increase. During office, you should always try to present best version of yourself, try to help others. that would create life not in religious things.
    if we are able to respond properly for the negative thoughts, it would become weaker/go away. We have to compare the negative thought with real time, we have to evaluate properly, and make sure is it  right thoughts or not. (Failure and Improvement by Virat Kohli)

Thinker Dreamer Doers

Thinker + Dreamer => Have very frustrating life and probably least appreciated in the long run. if you think and dream, you will never be able to achieve your goals and actually build something.

Dreamer + Doers => These people will get things out, but they are highly unlikely to create something useful or meaningful. 

Thinker + Doers => These people are unlikely to be visionaries and create something beautiful. probably the relative successfully combination through. For this person, you need to have good health system.

Thinker + Dreamer => How to Become => Thinker + Doer

        This personality, it is not about their problem, it may be How they brought up/How they trained during their learning process(Childhood Days/During Career). To change this, they need to have conviction to do that (Love the platform), later needs to be understood well about the subject. if they are able to achieve this, they will get lot of motivation to do the successful work.

    Everyone have problem, someone is monitoring or observing us in corporate world. To avoid this fear, if you are doing what is right. Then there is no need fear, you have to fear God.

Improve Your Concentration Towards Work

  1. Peace of mind 
  2. Choosing the platform

    To do any work, you should have clear peace of mind. This should be possible, when you commit all your things (property and wealth) to the alert of the God. If you hold anything, that will create stress. Everyone will get confidence on you, only when you have good working ability related to focus mind, not mere talk. That is how, you can gain the people network. You should not switch between two things; you should be strong on your core technology/Strength. How you are choosing the learning platform medium/define the boundaries is matter, that also would create more focus and concentration.

Before It Become Urgent Do It 

Getting Up Early in the Morning (Don't Avoid Rich Habits)

    To get up early, you have start take small step, and try to create environment(platform) going to the office early and motivate yourself(Reading Bible). Once when you mingle with people, you will get lot of different though process and energy, and that day will go very energetic rather than sleeping for long hours in the morning. So, creating good platform is really tough one. To get up early in the morning, you have to sleep well, it is not about how many hours you are sleeping. it is about How deep you are sleeping. 

while going to sleep also lesser thought will lead you good deep sleep.

 Little difficulties in the investment in health always save you from big faults. So always take an small effort to handle little difficulties. In your life, if you take action 50. Then 40 out of 50 things will fail. So don't be afraid to take action. Don't think on negative side, think always towards positive side during Invesment without capital

  1. When You are going to Office => You will get platform to work along with other.
  2. When you are going to Church => you will get platform to interact with others
  3. Early Morning/During Home Workout => No one help you; you have to start with your own. (Your life 80% success depends on that), What you are planting on Secret, that would reveal on public.
    • Sometime due to any discouragement if you are not getup early, if your heart become sad, encourage yourself/motivate yourself to go getup early on next day.
Note: Waking up early in the morning was one of the secrets to success of successful people around the world.  
Why We have To Wake Up Early (Explanation about Picture)

       ·         Redeem Time

·       Take Small Step to Wake up Early (Morning)

       ·       Rich Habits

·       No Negative Thoughts

       ·       Present Best version of yourself to Society

·       No Capital Investment

       ·       Spiritual Person wake Up early

it is not about, How many hours you sleep. it is about How deep you went to sleep without any other thought.

    To start any big thing is difficult. So, start everything from small from Which character you want to build it. Then We can easily start with that process. After you become confidence on the specific things, (Platform has been created) then start your big works. So, you have to connect the all the successful doted lines. When you start doing this activity, you have to start by doing one by one focus. Which will give more clarity towards your work.

Morning 5 AM to 8 AM it is good time.

When You Are Getting Bored | Tired

  1. Are you hard worker
  2. Do you have persistence
  3. Radical Towards Inner Life or External Life
  4. Are you very diligent(or)Found work towards the eternity 2 Timothy 1:17
  5. When you are going to die, are you really happy about what you are doing now.
        Before going to all the successful achievement, we need to go through lot of failures, but if we are consistently working hard with good attitude, someone will try to help us. So don't get discourage. if you are diligent working for the company, what you can do. Company would automatically promote you. Daily Job what you are doing out of 100, 70 would be success and 30 would be failure. It is like how salesman try to sell their product. So don't get discourage due to your failure. For Successful life, Be consistent on daily things and try the new one, after a while.(Ex How People bought Land and build house).

Invest On Your Health

  1. Before becoming urgent invest on your health. If you are good health lot of people have confidence on you. Without any huge investment you can improve yourself, during morning workout.
  2. Even if you fail, you will learn from one another.
  3.  Company is paying money for this also, because if the employers are health/focus with quality thoughts. Company also gets benefit from that. Self-care and Self-realization both are link to one another.
Note: For Good health body, every part (Component) of body should be correct safe, that would produce good body system, Example Stomach, Chest part should not have any fat. To do this, we have to take effort for intaking food and exercise.

    In the dark room(or) dark place, if you plant tree with open door towards the sunlight. The tree will grow towards the sunlight. So, in that same way try to build your strength and career towards the possible option.

Tree Growing Towards SunLight

While growing don't look on the comfort zone. Don't Compromise with Your Nominal Growth | Don't Be on Your Comfort Zone At The Same time Don't try everything from your Own Trust in the Lord. - Brain Train

  1. Comfort Zone (not ready to change, 80% people not find reason not to change) 
  2. Learn Helplessness (I can't do it)
  3. The path of Least resistance (looking for easy way to achieve result) But nothing worthwhile can be achieved easily. Everything worthwhile require long period of hard work with many failures along the way. 

Hardwork Perseverance Faith

    These three characters, everything to link one another. So, try to improve this character. First important require is Faith, if you have this, you can easily build other two characters.

Doing Needful | Desire to Grow on Given Platform

    Even though work is not there, rather than going hometown, (or) relative house sit at one place and think(or)madidate about how we can do our job/work/life in better way. Through this you will get lot of new ideas/solution for daily jobs, which will make you job simpler and smarter. You have to found solution in your daily job, that is success (Doing the needful). How You can grow on that specific platform. You should have desire to grow. Keep on think. This time won't come later. To work along with team, first you have to act like interacting with them. Even though you didn't do anything stay along with them, stay with problem more so that you will get solution.

To get the Local People trust, is very difficult.

Don't try to behave like smart in meeting, other may pull your leg. Only when it is need do the talk. At the same time, if anything if you are not feel comfortable, Convey the message politely or else you will lose sense of presence and later turn into problem.

    What are things you are doing, Timing is important (quality) miss the timing. Later delivery it is poor quality. So, when you are at free time, what you are doing that is important, and how you are meditate about your work, bring new idea to deliver in the market that is more valuable. you have to get good feedback / response from your co-workers and client and manager. What they are thinking about you, that is important. To improve the quality, what you have done already do it again and again. And improve yourself.

Handling Stress | Self-Recovery

    Fresh brain without any stress, or after vocation it can able capable of taking any new challenges, or thoughts. 

    Brian is already occupied with lot of thoughts, it is difficult to do some new activity, or learning something. So, to get energize, you have to get good sleep, rest. So that we can go for long run.

    if you want to avoid stress, don't do anything rather than just relax and what are the thoughts coming to you prioritize that. And the same time, if you don't have any job, start to explore required necessary things, which will help to reduce the stress during the tough time.

Be Humble | Firm Don't be Naive ( Wise as Serpent | Harmless As Dove)

     We have to be humble, and the same time we need to be firm. The people who are playing with midgame, they have lot of tactics to catch you on some of the KPI. So, it is better to avoid this kind of transaction. From office and Chruch everything flowing from inside to outside, if you are not comfortable don't share information to them.

    When you are working on the project, you will learn lot of stuff.

    knowledge without experience is waste, so to get experience what are the knowledge you are gaining, you have do the experiment with people. Social connectivity is very important.

 Don't be Naive

  • Lack of experience, Wisdom and judgement.
  • Believe everything without checking.
  • Internal proud (Without self-awareness).

During The Transaction | Self-realization

    During any transaction, you should have self-realization. Without having self-realization on spirit only work on the body, we may lose some of the important KPI.  
    Having good self-realization in the spirit, it would create good self-realization rather than act like fleshly person. Self-realization first start in Spirit, then Soul and Body. if it would reverse then it would create bad platform.
  • Body (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell)
  • Soul (Mind, Will Emotion)
  • Spirit (SP - Awareness, Sensitivity, Understanding, Motivation)

  • This will help you to evaluate properly, or else you will be regret.
  • Don't be overconfidence, without cross check everything.

Good & Bad Platform Transaction

  • Good Current Platform => Help to Move Next Level
  • Bad Current platform => Will Affect the Next Movement.

     if you want to go to the next level, you have to be good at all the current situation, because that will help you to move next stage. if you are poor at the current stage, it will affect your next transition also. one negative events, would create lot of other negative things. So always plan for positive/rich events.

     Change your current level, you can't do it immediately. You have to take step by step (start with small things) with honest people and move into the next level process, to create good platform. Don't yield to create the Bad platform(thoughts). 

Bad Platform Root Cause

  • Careless Reading/observation.
  • Don't comfortable with current situation, Look for the better life (Soul, Spirit, Body).
  • Rather than Godly life, live sinful life/sluggish.
  • Don't look 4 Eye principal.
  1. When you walk with God, your brain will work properly.
  2. if you are really loving God and spiritual, you would have diligent and peace of mind.
  3. Stay/walk closer with God. That is safer place in the world.

Love And Light

Love your God with all your Strength, Don't Compromise God's love for any other wordily things.

whenever you are doing any activity, you have to thing whether God's name would be honored on this, God is interested on this activity/transaction. Staten main goal is to destroy the beauty of Christ. So, we have to always depends on God. Without depending on God. it would create mess, or sluggish life. 

For sinful thing, if you taste one time it would come along with you for long period. So be careful.
it will lead to lot of conflict and chaos with another person.

In this world all the Godly man/worldly man both are getting trouble. So, when we depend on God, the worldly problem it would not make too much trouble.

To Avoid Bad Ecosystem

  • Try to maintain lot of conversation and ask question and know behavior.
  • Cross Verify with right person (Connect to the head).
  • When you are seeing something, which is not correct. That is creating wrong pulse/bad thought rather than the normal behavior. Ask God How to handle that.

How To Evaluate Any Transaction | Don't Take Decision Early

    Sometime Job profile, marrying girl everything looks like original Rs.100 note. But check everything whether is it original or fake note. In another Terms, 

  • Step 1: we need (know the necessity about our requirement)
  • Step 2: During Transaction what is Input/Ouput(Know concept on Bird's eye view & Cross check whether our view is correct or not)
  • Step 3: After 100% fullfliment of service(like Stock at the age of 80's) , What we really get benfit from the transaction.
  • step 4: Make chekpoint => What is the status after 25 % fullfilment.
  • Step 5: make checkpoint => what is status of 75% of fullfilment.

Evaultion would be applicable to : Income Tax, Marraige, Health, Stock. Mutual fund.

    During any transaction, how we are evulating on the stage 2 will make our job more simpler and smoother. if we didn't do that on Inital stage, then it would be lot of stress.

    while reading important document like offer letter, House agreement. it is like creating flour from solid rice. we can't get direct soft floor immediately        

  •     Initial Stage => 50 % get become flour, 
  •     Next Stage => 60 %, 
  •     Advance Stage => 70%, 
  •     Most Advance Stage => 80%, 90%, 100% 

then finally solid rice become pure flour. Similar way we can't understand everything on the first reading itselfwe have to take gap and read it on the different time, so that we will get different perspective.

    To take the decision first impression itself we will clarity about core item, but don't judge early. Instead check core items properly.

    Later to take decision just we need to confirm certain points. While taking important decision, you have to be at rest. Not in unrest (Job Chaning/Marriage proposal). if you are taking the right decision, it would become brighter and brighter. On the Contrary it would become confused, don't have clarity.

Poor Emotional Planing Charactertics

  • Didn't calculate end result properly.
  • Didn't interact with experiance person/failure person on the subject(who are hones).
  • Didn't do the basic calculation, what we know.
  • Do it advance/rather than last minute hardwork,(Take proper time to evaulte properly rather than last minute going on hurry burry, going through right process rather than skip it).
  • About when we know, didn't do the Low level calculation.

Small Carelessness Very - Dangerous Than Big Sin | Taken Decision Due to Pride 
(Taken Decision due to bride create pride, overlook) is very dangerous, than Big Sin.
  • To manifest it would take time.
  • we think everything correct, But consequence would take time.
  • Start everything end in mind(we can know by their fruits)
    The greatest Challanges During the Transaction know Hidden Truth. This can be done only through proper planning.

Best Approach

  1. Conversation & Communication: To know the hidden truth. This would be done through lot of conversation and communication.
  2. Use Tool & Ask Expert advice: To validate, you have to cross verify with some 1) other tool, 2) senior person(expert). (Don't go with assume). if you are not well at the subject, other could take advantage of you.
  3. Be Humble & Don't be Overconfidence/Assume: Don't be overconfidence or fear. if you have any question, ask in polite way. Don't be un-rest, do it meaningful way.
  4. Best Vs Cheap: During any transaction, don't talk about which won't give any problem, think about Where the problem occurs, and make sure take enough time and is it communicated properly (Best effort rather than Cheap one).
  5. Ask The Time: During transaction, you should look only on Top level, you have to look on low level also. For that it may take time, for that they would not give time. So, getting(asking) time from them, is important criteria during the transaction.
  6. Money Matter:  Don't be greedy, make sure require things has been discussed.

Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty - Tacitus 

Thoughts/Information are missing dilute powder in the water, to find the truth. if you hold for long time, powder will go down. Same way to know the truth, we have to be very patience to depends on God. God will help you to know the Truth. Nothing would come, until unless if you are really serious about truth and others

    Which is important Process or Result, without process result is not possible. Both are interdependent  So for Good evaultion, we should go through the process.

Taking Decision in Short Term | Save Time To Take Quick Decision

  1. Rest Vs Unrest: During any transaction, we should rest in our spirit not in unrest. Don't have plan B only move with Plan A(First Class). So that we can plan it well, avoid lot of unnecessary transaction/save time. (Unrest)Emotional decision are leads to poor decision. We have to connect all the successful dot lines (Don't Go with assume). During your fresh time, how you are starting that will lead to good result. Doing one good thing, will leads to another good one.
  2. Right Tool: Using the right tool check all the possibility, that would avoid expanding the plan(or)spending time further. 
  3. Think Better Future: we have to think, which will help to create the better future.
  4. Good Vs Perfect: Always try to make good decision, perfect decision will lead to overthinking and over plan.
  5. Huge Impact on Small Decisions: Small decision will make huge impact in the future.

Right Tool: Using this tool, we can know the information, without this it is not possible to get information.

During any transaction, before any problem occurs you have to stop. So, you have to think about everything in advance, Communicate the necessary things to the right people, don't allow the waste time unnecessarily, communicate the right thing and be patient, Cross Check everything correctly. We have to discern all the steps, Tamil நீதனித்தல். For this, we need to always be in the wake-up stage not sleeping.

              1. Checklist
              2. Patience
              3. Communication
              4. Wakeup Stage- Not Sleeping.

Taking Risk 

     Taking Risk, it may go on the positive side or the negative side. if you are able to handle negative side, then take risk, or else always take step towards the safer side. Rather Take risk on your productivity or job work hard. Don't take risk on the human transition. And if you are taking risk already, then you can't take risk on next time. if you are taking risk, you should have ability/strength to handle that.
When can we take Risk 
  1. At younger Age and know the platform very well.
  2. During office working hours, spend more time, it will reduce your taking risk ability.

Build Good Attitude (Godly Virtue)

    The person who overcome sin, His character would be difference. The person who didn't overcome sin His character would be difference. So, this will reflect in your office life also.

 What are the decision/deeds you are taking, depends on that your character would change. So, your Character would create depends on Choice.

  1. Speaking unnecessary to someone | speaking only when it is required
  2. Doing Morning Exercised (Workout) | Not doing any exercise (Workout)
  3. Bible Reading | Not reading the Bible
  4. Getting Angry (Quick Temper) | Not getting Angry
  5. Giving Important to Spirit | Giving important to flesh, low priority to Spirit.
  6. Taking require rest | Without Taking rest keep on Working (Value Self-care).

Thought process Depends on What We Have Resource (Applicable Only Decision Making)

Plan Your Day Ahead 

  1. Morning 30 minutes mediation and prioritize your task.
  2. Being Proactive at right time (Not all the time)
  3. Say No to Unnecessary things.
  4. Work in Your office, towards Goal.
  5. Motivation To Work Everyday
  6. How To Get Attachment (Reward System)
  7. Are you Talented (Job Skills)

if you are good at your office, your most of the problem could solve.

Happiness of Job depends on

Motivation to Work Everyday

  1. Even though super exiting work you get, when it became job, it won't be that much pleasure.
  2. We sacrifice with work to have good pleasure/earn money.
  3. Process is more important (we have to do what is plan, outcome is not in our hand) That might be fitness, training and job.
  4. So there is no enjoyment. 
                    Yes, Enjoyment would be how, how much you know you work, you have to make automation, simplify with effective tool. So that you can play with it.

Motivating Yourself Through

  1. Creating a reward system
  2. Talk in right platform, about what you have did: Not only doing work is important, but we also have to create ecosystem and convey what we have did, and to learn from others.

we have to make sure, what we are doing. it should like by others, especially with manager. Behave in friendly manner, make others to feel comfortable.

Needs Theory of Motivation        

        Everyone will get motivate through different situation, behavior, reward system
        When we say to children, to study well. At that time, we have to make sure whether we gave the situation(Ecosystem) to study well. Even if you gave everything, if still children not doing well, then give reward, talk about the reward.
    if you want to motivate,       
  1. Giving money
  2. Relative skill what they like
  3. Talk about Possibility of growth.
  4. Reading Bible (In terms of Spirit).
Attending Church(Be part of Social Connection).

How To Get Attachment (Reward System)

  1. When you are getting reward, through that you will get reputation. That will help to get attachment to the human & to your work. That might be growth.
  2. Job is doing for survival, and sometimes it would be on stressful.
  3. How you are creating/getting reward system, will make your life interesting.
  4. The people who are around us, we have to make comfortable.
  5. In Nutshell we can summaries below points.

    • Personal improvement (Whether it would on skill/life/journey)
    • How you are conveying the message.
    • How you are making comfortable, who are working along with you.
    Moving Forward : you will become more intelligent, more self-esteem and self-confidence. Feeling of forward moment secret of success. Success people always moving forward important to them. The feeling of the moment makes happy. Release endorphins in your brain, which make you more creative more positive, stronger and powerful.

Are You Talented? Job Skills

  1. if you have Talented or not, start to work towards efficiency. Improve your deliverable skill. Talent we can say another words, find your interest.
  2. To find your interest, you have to explore in your environment.
  3. When people say, you are good at specific skill, try to explore and go on the next level.
Explore New Things and Enrich Your life

Get Out of Comfort Zone | Explore Your World

Habits for Great Success

  1. Being Proactive (Initiative at right time not all the time) (7 Habits of Highly effective people)
  2. if you know anything, in your company which is going wrong, talk to the right people good platform politely.
  3. Better, Faster, Efficient (mediate on this)
      1. => Reduce Cost
  4. Understand high authority (ask right relevant question) 
  5. Plan ahead
  6. Be strong, and Courage and implement activates.
  7. Even if it is go wrong, you can gain experience.

Make People Do What You Want By Talking        

    How to convince the people.
                speaking in terms of other people situation.
  1. Normal/causal transaction (Not threaten feeling). (Because people always have threatened situation/watchful situation in the world)
  2. Good to say in direct or indirect way.
  3. Make rephrase or paraphrase (Confirm their requirement)

Successful People Almost Always do this Says Warren Buffet!      

  1. Very Successful people say no to almost everything - Warren Buffet.
  2. Say yes only to selective situation.    
  3. Potential Vs Pressure    
    1.  Opportunity (Potential) always comes with pressure. So due to this opportunity we may loss lot of personal benefits and times. In that time, we may think How much we lost on the normal life.
  1. Is it Compulsion or interest?
    1. Compulsion would create negative affect; Interest would create positive effect.
  1. So being normal person itself would be more successful. 

Best Practice  

Towards Personality    

  1. Before social successes, your personal success is very important.
  2. Rather than planning too many things, Plan the require things and make it successful. 
  3. For successful person, everything go well with him compared to the Unsuccessful man. Because he is practice everything with right motive benefits for Him and also to the Society.
  4. To avoid the misunderstanding between colleague and Church members, it is greatest Challange. For this, you have to spend time with them, and make sure you are also working with them to improve organization/employees.
  5. Simplifying your presentation, How You are simplifying any task, that would be greatest success.
  6. When you are looking some person, you will get confidence, Are you giving same Spiritual/Professional confidence to others.
  7. Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.
  8. What are things, you are seeing in Text or Visualize format. you will get good understanding.
  9. Make them feel/worth you are the important person for the organization/society.
  10. Finding what is needful, which would create impact on the Future. That is greatest thing to discover.
  11. The best thing we can do is not get distracted and to focus on the things that we can control.
  12. Everyday, you have to work towards your goal, That is your strength(Growth), Efficient and effective.
  13. How You are reaching the people, through network platform medium is important.
    1. => Giving your best result.
    2. => Share right thing at right time.
    3. => Helping the society (or)Solve the problem.
  14. confidence come through communicating right thing to good friend.
  15. if someone don't like you. They won't give reason, just reject you. Real time is really very tough, compare to the documentation.
  16. Discovering better efficient platform is the challenging one for everybody. This can be done through lot of research and experiment. To bring the new idea.
  17. Whenever any big conflict happens(That may be trap), you have to check everything by checklist, and be firm.
  18. Lot of people, they try to play with polices & Rules, if you are good at work with people (Live righteous before God and man) then you can easily handle this.

Towards Professional

  1. While reading any document in better way, you have to read all the vocabulary.
  2. Providing Best Result rather than Cheap one.
  3. Efficient => What are the thing you are planning it would be successful. 
  4. For Marginal Gain, you have to work out daily.
  5. For Technical Things, you are able to do the things if you have documents, if you don't have documents, or something(Important steps) missing in the document, you have to search it, communicate it and able to get the best result. The person who is able to handle too many problems and give solution. That is successful person in career. While troubleshooting, every element you have to read it very carefully. it is about carefully reading, along with searching pattern.
  6. What are the things, you are planning you can't implement exactly(Real time is really tough compare to thought process). Something would missed out. So For putting effort at the right tool give your most of the effort.
  7. Take help from someone already who done it.  

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