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What Is Knowing Truth | How The Law Become Spirtual

Godly Man Personal Dedication About Spiritual Life

    if man is truly Godly, He will dedicate his personal life to the know God through Word of God, keep on mediating, he will enjoy his family and take care about his family, but not like a gentile doing.  True Godly man through his personal dedication he brings the platform/ecosystem to teach the word of God to the needy people. Lot of other ungodly People, they will use the Church to enjoy their life, but not taking any burden. All the transaction should prefer to know God, not on the worldly things.

    if you plant mango seed, you will get mango fruit. Same way How you are cultivating in spiritual thought the same thoughts you will get result in your life. At any time, if we are get struck at any point, you can imagine what would Christ do if he is in your situation or at least real true Godly man, how he behaves in that situation. How much you madidate the word of God, that much you will grow in your spiritual life. How You are practicing your spiritual life, within your house, when no one sees, that would be profitable for you. if you are good at internal, you can easily solve outside problem. About your spiritual/Soul/body others would help you, But Everyday wealth, it is depending on your initiative

    While pursing after righteous, we may tempt with lot of small worldly enjoyment which looks Godly (1. Posting Bible verse on WhatsApp 2. Encouraging ungodly brother who is doing wrong rather than I can pray for him 3. Seeing YouTube video get relax), if you change your focus from God. you cannot come to strong/firm Christian faith, rather than small enjoyment, you pray to God inwardly. This will lead your Godly life. 

    For doing righteousness everyone will get stumble, if you are working hard definitely. you will get result in fruit of righteous. Whenever you are taking decision, if you are taking correct one, it will become brighter and brighter. How To build the Confidence? Confidence, come through communicating right things to right people, doing needful thing to the even unrighteous people also. if you are doing/committing one thing rightful, it will help/lead another one. So, for everything we have to make sure, whether is happen through normal process. Maintaining the good health, will lead to success (70% Success). it will help you control over your life. Don't have lose talk with anyone, that will create low thoughts.

Don't be Lustful, instead ask/look for permanent enjoyment (Eternity).

Radical Changes Towards Inner Life

     Radical Changes it should applicable only towards the inner life, which would create on Outer life will create lot of mess. So, your growth also not evident to other suddenly, it should be evident slowly. Even though Bro Shamark gives the Bible clarification, When I attend the Bangalore Church only, I got light about the word of God and about other believers, but not all the time interacting with brother, only who are really serious about Christian life.

Note: if you want to live Godly life, you have to thirst/mediate about righteous life.

    while keep on working, if you still get tired try to find the possible way to get relax without sleeping. if you know this, your life is under your control. if you don't know the Bible from your self-study or get help from experience person, you will stumble. Same thing applicable to worldly thing if you don't know the rules properly, you will stumble in the specific platform.

if you are self-righteous, your heart won't be correct with everyone.

if you don't have faith with patience and longing for righteous life, you will yield to lot of ungodly things. Is anything difficult for God? 

This world is not perfect, but our God is perfect. So, our faith only relates to our righteous life to inherit Godly promises, or else we will get discourage.

Growth Towards Godly or Worldly 

    Everyday (or) Transaction we can grow into spiritual or worldly things. Real true Godly man life would be differ from the worldly person. His Choice, priority, way of talk and behavior. In Our Christian life, it is not guarantee, In all our transaction would be succeeded. But we can know God. 

Mark 8:33 But turning around and seeing His disciples, He rebuked Peter and *said, “Get behind Me, Satan; for you are not setting your mind on [a]God’s purposes, but on man’s.”

Mark 15:15 Intent on satisfying the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas for them, and after having Jesus flogged, he handed Him over to be crucified.

To Overcome Sexual Sin

When I am working hard, my thought process disturbs in the late night, that leads to sexual sin. How can we avoid that.

=> Patience, Longing (pray to God) for victorious life.

=> Avoid loss talk but be friendly with others.

if you suffer, you will come closer to God. if you affect others, it may lead to sin

2 Corinthains 1:5 For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounded by Christ

Healthy Christian Life

    if your Christian Life, if it is up and down, it is not healthy Christian life.

For Good Christian life clear indication is, Clear peace of mind. First in yourself, then your dealing.

Prayer + Patience

    Without have proper prayer, submit everything to God, even when you are trying patience. you won't grow in patience. Patience will come through, How Much you are surrender to God, and depends on him. Prayer without all the logical things is waste. Rather than your brain should be alert state, instead your heart should be always alert state. We should not grow our self-center, instead we should grow our Christ Center life.

Righteous Thoughts 

    Wicked person, have lot of desire for money, Righteous person would give the money to other, and work hard, because his heart on eternity not on the money.

God Test the Interns of the Heart

     When you are doing exercise => For what purpose you are doing exercise.

When you don't want to lose money => For what purpose you want to lose money.

Sometimes, we are not sure whether what we are doing is correct/wrong. But do what you can do best with best evulation, later God would reveal the truth. Don't try to be self-righteous or going to ask tough question to others, until and unless they are able to be receiving spirit.  

Spiritual Decision Making

     How we are keeping our heart pure that is greatest challenge during any transition or in office/outside. Don't fear for any threaten or wrong information, ask to correct it at the same time don't fight with that for any reason, ask require things politely and firm. For real true spiritual life, how you are taking decision that is important. Whether that decision what you are making would help to know God or it would help to become famous in the world. Always think Bible perspective, How Job lived on this earth. 

   Don't give your KPI to them.  Don't tell lie, if you tell lie your voice would be much faster.

Depends on your Choice, that would make you Godly or ungodly.

What is Knowing the Truth | How The Law Become Spiritual

    Truth is not to know the Biblical Knowledge; it is about How to live Godly life, which will help to love God, value things about eternity. To Knowing the Word of God exactly, would help to grow in Spiritual. The people who do not know how to live Godly life, they were get discourage

    When you obey the law, it would create/become religious. Then How Law become spiritual, you have to get conviction to live for the law, then it would become life, which would create freshness in you then to others.

Why We Were Getting Discourage

  1. Don't Know the Word of God Properly.
  2. Surrounded by/ask Guidance from the Ungodly people.
  3. Loss of Money/Property due to careless/Pride.
  4. Instead of Looking eternity/ Looking on the temporary worldly things.
  5. Our Internal spirit is not that much clean/clear.

Reason For Going to Church

     if you are going to Church, only for your edification encouragement for you and others. Then you have to take care about your earthly matter in Proper way. Church, you have to feel comfort. The people who are not excellent(faithful) in their job, just focus on the Church activities, it won't go well with them for long run. So, you have to be good at the office activities also. 
    Helping others (not only for your enjoyment but helping others). For your enjoyment you can come to home. Because lot of honest(poor) people coming to Church without any enjoyment.
    if you are consider playing games, Football or volleyball. Please check whether Our Church elder also participate (to enjoy the game or Look after the Church people), but we should not take anything as rule, if it would create Godly life (Presence of God is there) then we can take it or else we have to avoid that.
Refer Correct Quotes
  • Don't mingle with perverted people, they have lot of tactics to catch the KPI. Their value system would be differed, only I have to go to heaven, I want to earn more money through any possible way.
  • Be self-care, don't be na├»ve.
  • Real tree is different from man-made tree. it is applicable to Church which church is born is really passion for Christ and Word of God is differ from, which is differ from which build up with man's earthly knowledge.
  • Ravi Zacharias Ministry=> Looks very powerful, but his family members are not walk closer with God. I am not judging, But I don't want to do same mistake what he did.
    while going to Church we should have good observation, while coming out from the Church also we should have good observation. if any of the communication/relationship/transaction is disturbing that, then we should avoid that. your Inside cup should clean while going to the church and while coming out of the Church also.

In the Church Don't Condemn Others

James 4:11 Do not speak against one another, brothers and sisters. The one who speaks against a brother or sister, or judges his brother or sister, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you, [a]judging your neighbor?

Coming To Church | God's Presence

    Coming to early in the Church you have to bring God's Presentence, it is not only in the Church wherever you are. 

God Blesses Me Through the Church

    When I have planned join on Wipro, I don't have inner confidence, When I am attending the Church. They helped to evaluate about the Wipro offer. They mention it is not good offer. God also blesses through the Church, not to take that offer. Some of the Wordly matters already someone did that, so that we can get help from them result we should grow in the Lord.

In Church Whether Can We Play Sports

    Don't attach to Church brothers more closely until unless it is required, instead grow on the word of God, and Christ, your growth it is know by your fruits. When you attach too closely to the Church believer unnecessary, that may create soulish, you will waste your time get tired. Find good platform to help the needy people. Because attach to the Church people that will create soulish thinking, everything you have to take personal strong decision with walking on the light(How Daniel lived). Even if it is failure, you will gain experience. Already you have past failure in career, and you have to grow lot on career, so focus on personal improvement and career, and along with that spent quality time on the Church.

Who Are Staying To Play Sports 

    if you look who are staying there, brother don't have good foundation on Career, or young people, Strong Believer  who already made good foundation and try to help the Church believers. Nobody in the middle 32-35 stay there, who need to grow in the personal Christian Life.
    So, When Church elders are leaving, or almost 4:30 to 5:30 PM leave the Church, staying too late it won't make good for you. Also check who are playing, how much they are good in the Word of God. Your life should not go up and down, it should be consistent and constant life(continuous).
How To Avoid Soulish People
  1. Before talking to them, inwardly you should be strong, you have to prepare yourself before going to talk them.
  2. To know any man, whether he is really serious about God, whether he know the word of God from his life. Some of the people they don't have faith to live that life also.
  3. if someone doing wrong to you, you have to think on God's perspective. your love of God towards others, never quench(Your inward also not should be darken) on that consequence don't fight with people. All the Transaction you should have love/light towards other people, at the same time you have to ask require things in proper way.
  4. Another Hand: you will not fight with them; you will not have normal talk... So rather than going normal. you should be in professional way/gentle, So that they may also get light or else it would look like religious.
  5. Sometime, our thought everything looks good. But in our Heart, it won't feel right. So don't do that.
  6. Whenever you interact with too many soulish People (CFC), your love of God would become cold. Avoid that situation. Doing ministry along with soulish people would create religious activates God name would not glorify on that.
People Character
  1. Whenever you/soulish don't have faith, you don't have patience also, thirst to live righteous/Victorious life.
  2. Whenever you talk to someone, you should not discourage that person, understand what purpose they were trying to communicate with us. Worldly/Soulish people they always come with competition, you can overcome by doing what you can do with simple and best way.
  3. Everyone know how to choose and live, but where you are there that is matter, whether in Church or outside. Note: Church is body of Christ, not in any physical building.
  4. focus more on vertical, since you have lot of bad failure in the past. but don't be religious. Once you are good at vertical focus on Horizontal.
When God Allow Persecution
  1. Careless
  2. God Wants Edify you (whenever you are proud).
    Lot of believer Thoughts, I want to complete this earthly however, not under God's will (So, they were doing ministry, going here and there, God's name dishonor). The really true prayer would be answer, when we have reverence to the Lord (Hebrew 5:7), Living under God's will.

Bread Breaking Prayer Fellowship

Supernaturally God Gave Conviction | Redeem by the Blood of Christ
    Before Sunday (On Saturday), I was going through lot of thought process about Synaptics Background verification, So, there is great trouble whether I can stay in the home or go to Church, But I have taken decision, I will go to Church. So, when I started early morning, I got Some conviction in my heart Supernaturally, that gave me the great faith. And That day during bread breaking, Church message also very powerful from Bro Ian Robinson, Brother mention you are redeeming by the Blood of Christ, so you are very valuable. That gave me Great hope. So don't get disturb by the worldly things, at the same time when you are committing be careful about what you are committing to others, corporate world. In our Team & manager we have to give positive feedback, outside our team we need to have discernment. Don't take any decision in soulish or Flesh. Take decision in spirit.

Note: powerful message would be helpful only for Soulish People walk with single command, who are really know God they will spend time in their personal mediation and know God in depth(detail).

You have to maintain the fear of God with + love.

Godly Man Vs Worldly Man Desire

    During that time, when I spent more time on the Church, it would be more helpful to know the Godly things personally. Be careful about the fellowship, what they were communicate, how they were communicate, Is it helping to grow in the Lord or giving worldly fear.
    Worldly people, their lifestyle is difference, Godly man lifestyle is difference.

Thank God Because He kept Closer To Church

    You have to Thank God, Godly Children, Because He kept you closer to the Church. Not in Electronic City or other remote place.
    First, we have to give Priority to God. Second How we are presenting ourselves to the world, that is important. 

Convict The Person | Not Fight (or) Condemn

    Whenever you are sharing the word of God, you have to convict the person, you have to help him know God not fight with him. And also, you have to depends on God's wisdom, when you are sharing the word of God, whether it would edify them or it would bring the condemnation. Even if you know the truth, you have to depends on God to share the word of God. if you or other person not comfortable with listening don't share the word of God. We can't educate the godly things, instantly... we have to feed them slowly (Gradually) or else person can't handle that. if he is really interested, we can help them to grow spiritually. For that, how we are bringing the platform that is important.
    In Your Christian Life, even if you get Truth, it would be helpful for your Spirit and soul, But Get blessing in Body also it would take time.
    In Christian Life, how you are presenting is very important, your life should speak more than your words, how you are choosing your job and family (life partner). 
  • Everyday, we have to solve the problem in the society(Family/Office/Church), Under God's Sovereieghty.

if we are unable to convict to the Gentile, then our Christian Faith is vanity. How we are convincing God to Gentile and other humble hearted people, that is Christian Growth rather than fighting with them. Maintain Christian life Quite/Gentle.

  • Don't put Hard thinks to Others, but you have to bear (Only under God's Will).
  • if you have self-righteous (your heart won't be correct motives. Doing everything on flesh). 
Self-righteous + Spiritual Pride

What is Ministry?

    You have to convict person, who is talking to, to repent from Sin and turn towards Christ.

During the Youth Meeting

    Church there is lot Old Testament preacher (Nayabramanithen Pothakarkal). So don't yield to them, they will make you salve, with one or two words of God here and there, without pointing to the Rich Word of God. Easy way, to check whether you are growing or not, check whether you got revelation in the Word of God and walk in righteous, and grow(desire) to read the word of God. Word of God for them would be Isaiah 28:13. So the word of the Lord to them will be, “[a]Order on order, order on order, Line on line, line on line, A little here, a little there,” That they may go and stumble backward, be broken, snared, and taken captive. one easy way to identify this, their word should be sharp(with salt).Self should broke, it should be very difficult. To know any person spiritual life, check how much he is broken. check about soulish and spiritual character, or else they would be Preacher of the Law (Nayapramanithen Posthakarkal).

While Working in Office 

    World people, they would slave to lot of things, so they also try to make slave through long lengthy meeting. Later you will become uncomfortable and tired. Slowly that will lead to sin. if your boss is righteous, you will be happy or else it would be miserable. Whenever we interact with worldly man (Specially in the meeting/conference), There attitude may affect us. So, we have to be careful on that.

Decision Based on Faith Got Revelation

    Don't Think you can apply for HCL BGV also, God save you since you are faithful to your decision. In the Church God reveals 1) How much valuable you are 2) What is value of the righteous life 3) if you go there, still you are salve to lot of their thoughts and feelings and depression.
    if you have any plan B, you can't think/evaluate(foundation) much properly for Plan A (You can't produce rich output). By Faith you have to hope on this. 1 Timothy 1:4 nor to [c]pay attention to myths and endless genealogies, which give rise to useless speculation rather than advance [d]the plan of God, which is by faith, so I urge you now. So if we don't have strong faith with proper evaluation, we will always think in double minded.
Faith + Revelation + Humble + Righteous + Patience Everything comes together. if it is not link to one another everything, that is wrong/fake humility, revelation and faith.

Jerusalem Vs Egypt | Godly Life Vs Ungodly Life => Church needs to teach How To live Godly life

    Jerusalem it always spent time with God, Egypt people always spend time on ministry, but they were not good in their daily life (Committed towards Christ).

Your Christian Growth | Decline

    if you compromise on the world things, your Christian growth would be decline. Growth, if you are really serious and honest about Christian life, God would reveal the truth, help you to grow in your life. If I am not truthful to God, God will not reveal the truth to me.

God is very Silent | Before He Gave Anything to You

    God is very silent; He will do everything in quiet and peaceful. Even though he has mighty power, he will deal with man gentle.

During the Difficult time | First Priority to fix that rather than other work | How Faith work On This

    Ex: Getting House, Car Accident, Moving the House. During Transaction, we may go through lot of things, to get better righteous service, we should be ready to give money/time. We need to be rest in our spirit and we have to do the required things in simple best possible way. Not only in this, but all the transaction also we have to give priority to know God. We should rest in our spirit. Don't waste your precious time, spend time to know God personally. Think from eternity point of view.
    During Tirunelveli trip, first mess would be created in mind, then to others, First started in the Church itself(while driving Car). If atmosphere is not good (other are not comfortable), Don't stay there. That would affect you also. While taking rest, you have to take rest in the proper place.

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