20 Points Finding Root Cause Of Depression With Solution

    Being Stressed and uncertain about what our future holds become a common concern. It’s no wonder this uncertainty eventually turns to a feeling of being unsafe on a daily basis. This is true in everyone's life, but the proactive people work on what they have access to improve on daily basics rather than which they don’t have control over it.

Root Cause

1. What is depression

2. Influence of depression

3. Characterises of depression

4. How Depression affect the health illness

5. Anxiety and fear about future.

6. Stress


1. Natural remedies of depression

              a How to handle stress 

  • Reduce Stress at Home and at work
  • Be Honest – only to the honest people
  • Don’t give up vs Be Sluggish

2. Fitness Exercise and nutrition

a.Food and mood connection 

b.Category of Healthy foods 

3. Pursue your passion.

a. Hard Work:

b. Smart workout.

a. Vitamins

c. Schedule Activates

4. Psychiatrist counselling

5. Building Good Character

6. Good Lifestyle Plan

7. Depression Vs Lifestyle

8. Discipline yourself towards success rather than be indifferent

9. Soul Spirt Body

a. Spirt - Spiritual

b. Soul – Good Habits, Education

c. Body – Healthy exercise

10. Priorities of your lifestyle

11. Film (psychiatrist Consultant movie – How to build relationship with family members)

Proof of Happiness (Film)

1. Why Depressed?

2. About This Film

3. Case Study about the Kindness

4. Human Connection Vs Depression

5. First Day Case Study about patient

6. Mansion explains about her past failure life

7. Dr.Uri First Day Experience with From His Case Study 

8. Significant of the Key with Kindness Contract

9. Vulnerability and Racism

10. Perfection and Dr.Uri Carrier Slip out

11. Key challenge – Jack Vs Bruce 

What is Depression?

    Depression is a mood disorder that can affect a person’s daily life. It may describe as sadness, loss, or anger, emptiness, sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest, meaningless fear.

Factor influence of depression

o Loss of loved ones,

o Economic problem

o Divorce

o Unable to handle stress or environment

    Learn the local culture - This one we can handle by proper understand about the environment, organize the things in a perfect manner so that we can handle tough things easily and the possibility of stress will be less. Also, to know the environment better go outside rather than staying home alone and try to learn from your local environment how they are engaging or entertain with the environment. Learn the good things. At least out of 20 one or two people diligent, learn from them. The patient needs to know the culture of their environment. And take a good character.

Depressed Person Behavior or Charactertics

    Loss of interest, not finding pleasure in favorite activities, feeling tired easily, engaging in high-risk activities, don't be rest after their work rather keep on thinking, Suicide thoughts, unable to concentrate, difficulty completing tasks, delayed responses during conversations, irradiation thought, not involved in group activities and not encourage others, thinking I am the only person having this problem, thinking it doesn't have any solution, fear about a sexual relationship, overthinking or involving on sexual activities.

How Depression Affects the health - Physical well-being

    Decreased energy, greater fatigue, changes in appetite, weight changes, aches pain, headaches, increased cramps, poor sexual relationship due to depression, not happy with any of the activities instead of doing everything in thump rule. 

Anxiety and fear about the future.

    Don’t have any proper plan for the future, just have a personal opinion without interacting or getting feedback from others. As result isolating from an environment finally create all the negative environment rather than the positive environment like loss of interest.


    Long-term stress can lead to major health issues finally lead to depression. If he/she is staying in-home or food is not good which creates stress rather than relax sensation. So, our food and living place plays a major role in depressed people. So good choice turns the flow into a positive side or negative side. So, we must carefully and wisely choose the place.

Reduce Stress at Home and at work

    If you feel in your home or work, feel something not good, talk to your friends and try to observe how to make the job smoother and easier, ask for help, and communicate with a team rather than keep in with yourself. 

    Before going we have to check whether I have done all the tasks were given or pending activities.

Be Honest – only to the honest people.

    This logic will work only with honest people, or else evil people they may misuse. So before sharing with anyone, check about their integrity and knowledge about the subject. Then interact with him about your problem in step by step, if they have an experience, they will understand your problem and give one or two solution, follow them with your best. which will reduce your stress.

Don’t give up and Gain experience rather be Sluggish

    In your daily job, if you are doing work from morning to evening 25 to 30 out of 30 most of them may go wrong, but don’t give up. Try to do your best during your difficult time so that you can easily move from that situation rather than become abnormal. And always remember this quote

These small things save me when nothing else could” – Alexander Chee

Do few things and do them well and

If you are not clear about anything try to understand that subject in a systematic way and do it well and try to avoid mistakes.

Gaining Experience  

        Even if you are a failure, it will count as experience. which you come to know "you should not work from a specific perspective" hence next time you will try on a different way. So put your effort into the daily job which you can learn the things easily and make it in a beautiful way.

       In the meantime, if you are not active you will become sluggish and worry about unknown problems. which leads to fear and nervousness. So always put your effort even, if you didn't get a result. something you will learn one after another.

Fitness Exercise and nutrition

    For people who are affected by depression, it is good to do physical exercise 200 minutes per week. Doing physical exercise, we have to put effort and spend time, when we invest the time in our health it is really payback. We have to work smart rather than hard work. Because those who are doing the hardest work they were giving up in a short period. In the meantime, if we are doing smart work we can go for a long time.

Exercise Increase your metabolism : Investing health is great benefits, it is really pay you back. So spend time on this. You have to face the problem, then you will get strength to overcome and be strong. Metabolism it will help what we are eating will convert into energy, in another terms our fat will convert into muscle. if we are doing exercise then only it is possible to speedup metabolism.

Muscle relaxation – in a week if we are not able to do the exercise continuously, we can spend time on muscle relaxation. Which helps our nervous system or enhances muscle growth, and it will help on the next routing daily exercise.

Food and Mood connection

    There is a connection between food and mood connection. some kind of natural food which helps to create good hormones at the same time 

    if you are taking ice cream, or junk food. it may be the root of LDL, finally, affect hormones.

    Good natural healthy food will create better cognitive function.

Exercise - 20%  Food - 80% 

    Even though, if we are doing exercise hard if the person does not have control over his diet or food, you can't build muscle and reduce the depressed mood. So eat only if you are only hungry, if you are not hungry you can take pure water. In case if you are unable to find the nutrition diet, 

    I simply recommend take different vegetables, spinach and fruit contain a lot of minerals.

Category of Healthy Foods That Lift Your Mood

  1. Fish
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Fruits and Vegetables 
  4. Berries
  5. Nuts and seeds 
  6. Coffee
  7. Beans and lentils
Food and mood connection

Hard Work

    Doing very highly intensive exercise, but after a few months give up. But If you look from another angle hard work and diligence really pay back. So we need to carefully plan and know about the subject well then we have to put the effort or else practice the wrong things it won’t make perfect.

Smart workout

    Every day at least one to two hours but do it continuously every day. Rather than going gym or looking for the outside ground which we don’t have access to. If We can do this exercise daily in our home. it is really good. If you have access to the playground it is good to go at least 3 days per week. Which helps to get good breath and sunshine.

Exercise: Plank, Push up, Skipping, it is really good for depression

Vitamin: Vitamin B-12 and B-6 are playing an important role in brain health. So, if vitamin B increases the possibility of reducing depression is high.

This thing we can get into the natural food, like liver.

Vitamin D: (Sunshine vitamin) vitamin D important for the brain.

    Low levels of Zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids are associated with worsening mood and decressed energy.

Schedule Activates

    Pursue your passion without affecting your neighbor or loved ones. If you can’t learn or follow your interest, try to identify a good mentor who can be taught your passion in an interesting way. So that it will help you go further your activities rather than without doing anything. Even you are paying if you are not showing interest, it will be a waste of money. So put your effort to learn thing things in a beautiful way. And try to make or build good Character. 

Good Character is difficult to build. But easy to live. 

But Bad Character easy to build but hard to live with that.

Breaking the rotation of negative thinking

    When we concentrate on the above things, which will help to break the negative thinking and helps to build good character.it is not an easy task, we have to regular, discipline, and pursue our interests.

Psychiatrist counseling

    To choose the psychiatrist counselor wisely. They can make your life easy. Do all they suggested, because you may not get results with just medication through your blood report what they suggest they come to know your body condition very well. That small identification will help to identify the problem.

Depends on Depression Level Medication      

             Depression levels vary depends on your affection. If the people didn’t affect too much getting sleep normally, they don’t need to take medicine but take counseling and try to find the stress. (NOTE: Always follow doctor prescription) . if your depression level is too high not getting sleep normally. The patient needs to take medication.

How Medication will help depression People who really don’t have depression but stress?

    Medication won’t give faster permanent relief. However, it will give relief, during this period that person needs to identify, How the stress starting? Or “How the stress start? “ to identify this... if it really makes more stress, they can get deviate from there thought and build good character and later find friends.

Building Good Character (Habit)

    Building good character is not an easy one. It is a long process. Your thought will become action, and your action becomes Habits. This habit will build upon daily routine activities

        Because most successful people's secret lies in daily routines and their secret life.

  1.  Be Humble not in words but in all your thought, action, relationship, patient.
  2.  Your value system is matter – Live out your principles and values
  3.  Practice self-discipline – Pray to God, it is not easy to control our self will
  4.  Be accountable (Trust) – Be responsible and open yourself to accountability.
  5.  Goal needs to be clear - needs to be Support your other goal.

    Building good character is easily bringing new friends. if you are really work hard, you will get lot of good friends on your life journey. No need to lookout. Because that’s way also person going from one place to another place, they were making a mess or wired. when you have talent or skill, you will get a lot of friends. But when you don't have talent, you won't have friends instead you will have bad habits.

Jack of all trades, master of none”.

So better stay where you are and build good character.

If needed change food and staying places

    if it is your (food and staying) is not good and the same time

        if you find a good alternative place without affecting your finance and family relationship.

    It is hard to find but do your best. If you still not find, the person who is on the same track like you get friends with them and make friends. Since both of you on the same boat, you can know about your health issue more rather than your boundary.

Good Lifestyle Plan

• Follow regular structural routing

• Do physical exercise

• Make the good family relationship

• As a result you will get good sleep.

Depression Vs Lifestyle

    Depression level may vary, we can’t cure immediately, because it is depending on family relationship, environment, patient Health, and normal immunity power. So, we need to try to change or adapt to the situation slowly. It will take time. So, if you come to know you feel depressed don’t waste your time, find a good doctor, and try to cure it. Also immunity power is playing vital role, just taking good vitamins won't convert into strength they may possibility to become fat. So do exercise and take good nutrition, which will convert into muscle and strength.

Discipline yourself towards success rather than be indifferent

    Doing few and do them well. If you are doing any of activities or jobs without proper goals or consumer. Finally, your hard work or your investment go to the garbage, so try on the result-oriented(efficient) or another person viewpoint and try to give a good job or product to others. Which will improve your career and increase interest in your job.

Do it before the deadline rather than become urgent. That is how we can give quality results.

Priorities of your lifestyle

Room (30 %), Food (30%), Exercise (30%), Sleep (10 %).

    Sleep is important, But I have given only the 10 % because we don’t have control to sleep. However, we can control their root characterizes room, food, and exercise. So, I have given a high percentage to the attributes.

Soul Spirt Body

As a human, we have consisted of Spirt, Soul, Body. So, we have to get energized in all three perspectives.

Spirt – As Per the Bible, in our human heart there is emptiness, this can be only filled by God. So, we have to seek Him and find him. Go to Church, reading Bible, encouraging one another will help to know God and full fill spiritual needs.

Soul – we can train ourselves with good high studies, learn musical instruments.

Body – Doing exercise and get good nutrition which specify above will help.

Film – The Proof of Happiness

Why Depressed?

    They didn't find no meaning or purpose in their life instead they are going on everyone opinion and thoughts without evaluating properly, finally end up in mess.

Expert suggests we are not taught to be love and care for one another. If the feelings of stress and fear continue, they can and manifest into sadness and depression.

People slowly restoring to anti-depressants to manage their feelings but not with a real solution to find a life.

About This Film

    This film is a really good one, who wants to improve the relationship with one another. This case study going through a lot of case study kindness, perfection, vulnerability, communicating with one another, helping each other, find the beauty in others and it is a meaningful film that wants to build a relationship with family and friends. The main objective of this film without medication how to cure the patient.

Case Study about the Kindness

    Dr. URI interacts with the different psychiatric patients to know about their feeling. Everyone tries to express their unforgiveness or distress feeling towards others. So, To solve this Dr.Uri Interact with his friend to design the control environment to be going to study Kindness. As a society, we have to love another, but currently, we lost human connection. For example, he is taken mobile phones, using mobile phones we can make good relationships or worst. As doctor we(Dr.Uri) can give medication, consult. But is it really solve the problem?

How to build relationship

    He continues to discuss, “face to face interaction”. In face-to-face discussion, they not only understand their words but their feeling and become comfortable and it releases a good hormone (oxytocin) for a healthy lifestyle. So many people are depressed and lonely. He is going to conduct the study with real patients in a controlled environment to transform a kind community. To start to listen to each other and communicate with each other.

Human Connection Vs Depression

    The human experience relies on connection, without connection lack of belonging. With a lack of belonging patients discard from society. Looniness and fear manifest a state of fear or aggression.While he interacts with His wife, he mentions a lot of depressed patients not sick, but they have problems interacting with society. Lot of them developing situations like anxiety, stress, and loneliness. As a result of the doctor, I am not healing them but medicating them. He tries to change the culture in a small environment. Before doing this, He gets permission from her wife, and before starting this event.

depression root cause solution

First Day Case Study about patient

    He introduces to one another. And mention about he is going to study kindness with everyone.

Mansion explains about her past failure life

    Second-day Mansion explains about herself, she is creating a wall between others to avoid any war and pain, years are going by isolating from others, my life becomes darker and darker. One day angel gave me the key, told me to unlock my mind. If I become vulnerable, I become a pain. I was at rock bottom. Lower my guard and bravely open myself up. Become receptive open to whatever the world has for me and kind to everyone. Something wonderful happens in my life. In my life the first experience of belonging, True and joy is objective.

    He tries to take a case study from TJ, TJ says, His life is frustrating and make boundary from other humans. After his interaction with him. Dr.Uri concludes what you expect from other is High you have to lower your bar and your expectation.

    The same way He communicates with everyone. Everyone has negative thoughts about that society. It may be the True. But they don’t have a solution How to overcome, but they are focusing on negative parts only rather embrace positive.

Dr.Uri First Day Experience with From His Case Study

    I believe I convey to patients to lower their guard. I am implementing refrain all negative rule. I may overlook important variable. I must keep in mind that the real outside world is driven by monetary compensation. I will address this extraneous variable in the form of a competition reward system to rule out a possible standard.

Significant of the Key with Kindness Contract

    Third-Day everyone receives the key. Then Madison explains the significance of the key. This key significant the pledge to unlock your mind and confirm you signing kindness contract. They are taking oath I will lowering my guard and be receptive. I promise to refrain from negative thoughts. Be praise for others and compassion to them and this key I have faith to signify towards of success.

Building Good Character

    In this duration, depends on their activity they will give the point. It may be plus or minus. The people who brought a good kindness message will score. The winner will receive $10,000 at the end.

Vulnerability and Racism

    Ask about a person's experience of vulnerability about walking in their own shoes. In this conversation when Bruce talks conversation with TJ regarding racism. TJ asks about are you feel any difference between us? (TJ and Jasmin- Both are black people). Brue replies No I don’t. TJ response, “not by your own words but your look”. Dr.Uri asks Jasmin and Bruce to hold both of their hands so that you can lower your guard and learn compassion, TJ and Jasmin both hold the hands.

    Bruce responds after this; I have felt compassion by holding hands for a couple of minutes. Dr. Uri mentions it is a release of a hormone (Oxytocin). This chemical will boost wonderful to us.

    I test two conflict personality trades with contact. Human experience with contact seems to be a good argument for improving compassion and communication even under rational constraints. I also have success for each of the patients to lower their protective guard. Not convince they ready to be vulnerable about each other thing in time.

As the film goes the two-racism conflict person there are talking each one of them (TJ and Bruce).Then Madison and Rilezy both talk to each of them about personal life and failures.

Perfection and Dr.Uri Carrier Slip out

    When I was a medical student, all my fellow students and professors focus on the perfect grade, perfect exam, perfect test score, perfect paper. I am going to be perfect no matter what. Dri URI explains how he becomes perfect, he did everything with his best. He slips into a deep depression; I almost lost my carrier. And a friend of mine told to me human is never to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfect. Jake cross-question without perfection how I can be good successful businessmen. Jack's company is very successful, then why he didn’t celebrate his success. Why you are not celebrating your achievement.

Jake responds because it has a problem.

    So Dr.Uri confirm you agree, that is not perfect. There is nothing wrong with striving the perfection. Terrance adding Dr.Uri, “it is impossible to be perfect”.

    For this Madison respond be kind to yourself, and at the same time cherishes yourself. Dr. Uri instead of beating myself not perfect you will become a successful doctor. It is a waste of energy trying to be perfect. We are all going to be failed. Let us fail. So, we have to remove perfection from ourselves and others.

    There is one on one interaction that happens between them, they are learning and encouraging them through lowering their guard.

    Dr.Uri Personal writing “ The group progresses the more I imagine, he is happy to have madison to patriate. She offers much more kindness rather than a clinical approach. I think this group is ready to create a kind idea for others. We will see how it turns out”.

Next-Day in a group discussion, everyone interacts with one another.

inding Root Cause Of Depression With Solution

The key challenge – Jack Vs Bruce

    Creative kindness challenge. They communicate with one another they conclude it liberate lot of pain and hate. Just like in this challenge are interact with one another, give what they have an idea within them.

    Find beauty in other people. Madison explains what she found beauty in while traveling. You always find beauty in everything. Just practice it is the well worthy effect.

Madison is leaving. Due to her illness from this case study.

Pain is something to be hidden but be brave sometimes payoff. Dr.Uri mentions while helping each other.

Character Study From TJ: He is Carefully studying all the patients through interacting with them. Every time while he interests in some carrying note and pen. Observe How he approaches everyone in the film you can learn Lot.

Inspiration Quote: We can’t control what others do. But we can control what we are. 

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