How To Study Computer Course | Improve Learning Strategic

1. How To Study any of the topics 11 Points
2. Comprehend Learning Vs Detestable Learning
3. How Can I make sure I am learning on the Right Path
4. Good Troubleshooting
5. Quality Vs Quantity
6. Small Changes make the difference(while Learning)
7. Learning Strategy
8. Learn To Love the Logic and Theory Before Practical
9. Improve your reading(Scan/Analyses) habituation
10.Way of Approach your Certification and Course
11.Choose the right Course
12.Learning Platform Medium | Tutor (60%)
13.Practice the Lab(40%)
14.How To Get Confidence on Programming (10 Points)

How To Study any of the topics 11 Points

1) Prioritize : while studying any of the topics, we will go through some of the important topics/not important topics. so, using our analysis important topics we need to focus first. other don't concentrate on too much.
2) Study Core | Basic | KPI Keyword (Meaning):while studying the core topic, good. study slowly and we'll understand and make documents finally. which will help in later part and help you to enhance also. In other words, know their behavior and try to do exercise/practice in the setup practical way.
3) Visualize | Image | Imagination Skill : use the diagram, or simple words, choose the important simple your own key items, while creating itself you have learned a lot. what you have studied apply into imagination, if it is not matches to real setup in your simulation that time you will sense something needs to be correct it, and even if you come back to the technology even after 3 years, you can easily brush up your knowledge.
4) Practice | Exercise | Communicate : When we study the Bible, or hear Godly man sermon it is peaceful to your soul. Because you are hearing and trying to practice. Same thing is not applicable to the earthly job. We have to do with the wisdom of God. while interacting with different people, they came from different place. So I need to talk and communicate in a better way and do the technical stuff.
5) Daunting | Spent More Time : While learning (tutor) explain some terms but they skip important and directly go to the next will be daunting. For that time take effort and try to learn that.
6) Real Time Example : While applying into real time project. we will get input from different people, But decision maker needs to take decision which is correct will go for long time not short period. Because different people from their angle and background they will give input, we also need to share input and make it real.
7) Digest What You have Learned : If you are studying any topic, give a gap of 5 days. complete rest. So that you will get a good understanding. Just relax, focus on health/spiritual life and recall yourself what you studied. what you are studying, if you are really studying well. Opportunity directly comes to your door.
8) Kind and be Polite: Be kind and be polite! To you and others also. Because Learning can be frustrating/daunting sometimes, so please keep in mind that this is a place for kind, nice people to help each other learn and make the world a better place.
9) Organized | Presentation Skill Document Personal : within a time, if you didn't get syllabus/document spend time organised already what you may helpful and it will give direction how move proceed or the unorganized which leads to poor quality and don't know how to proceed further. So try to study in a proper way/organized way. If you are too exhausted, take complete rest. Because rather than studying at a local college and studying at the well standard university make a difference.
10) Health | Relationship Is Important : To work better, your personal health/family life is important. you need to know your endurance ability.(try job related to your field)
whenever you are learning anything privately which is sinful/worldly to refresh yourself it is not good, you need to do it without sin(transgression). needs to glorify God. or else everything is wasted.
11) To Refresh yourself just hear a 10 to 20 minutes message/Study revise the will be good for your soul/spiritual. also encourage others not religious.

Comprehend Learning Vs Detestable Learning

    while learning anything, How you are approaching the subject. That is important. while learning to learn the basic things from good mentor, website or book is essential or else it will become mess. you will learn lot but won't remember at the end. Take the syllabus of the subject. Study the subject DNA. Go through familiar book contents about the subject, So that you can be familiar with subject core important key words which you are not familiar with.

How Can I make sure I am learning on the Right Path | Cross Verification

    your learning becomes easy, you will see the progress and enjoy the learning within yourself. Later it should become life to you and without too much thinking. Early-stage it is a little bit daunting. In your learning, if there is progress then you are going right path. Don't worry about your learning in the initial days but try to learn in the right pattern with slow way. Later you may see the quality. If I need to good at anything it will go through lot of process on the subject. So that I'll be familiar with every single content of the subject. Slow progress in learning will make a great difference rather than going fast.
    While learning everything, I need to learn from point to point meaning I need to learn from the source website. your concentration should be clear and avoid other disturbances (transaction).

Good Troubleshooting

    Good Troubleshooting each and every step is important, especially your first step is important about how you are diagnosing the system. you should have a clear logical understanding. If you don’t have a sharp mind to solve the problem. You may mess up. So your mind should have good leisure at the same time speed and accuracy is important. 

Use Top Level | Lowe Level view

     To troubleshoot anything, we need to have a Top-level view of the architecture from a different perspective not a single angle. About Totally how many components are used, how it is linked to one another. So, Using the document I have created a separate document with Top Level summary. Then, I have a better understanding compared to earlier. While cross verifies what I have done, I have committed some of the errors/mistakes. Once I have corrected it. Then the problem gets solved. If you still not get any clue, try to get Low Level view.

What is Top Level View? it is an architecture diagram

What is a Low-Level View? Configuration, command, query view document.

How To use Google In Troubleshooting

Search correct text in Google and study the core topic. (Searching text is narrow down the problem)This gives information which helps to How to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting -> Checking -> Narrow Down + (error message)+ eliminate other lookup.

Finally, find a solution with the given data.

In another word, Troubleshooting is the process of checking, narrow down the error message, and eliminate the other lookup find solution. 


using what we have -> find out what we need,


            Information what we have not->  try to increase the verbose mode.

If you still can’t solve the problem, Prepare a template in the following way

1.What is the Current Setup?

2.What you are facing the Challenge:

3.How you imagine you can solve this problem:

4.Do you have enough documents to require troubleshooting?

5.Have you gone through this document?

6.Have you contacted the support?

if you stress anything too much. you may miss quality,

Small Changes make the difference(while Learning)

    Even the small changes, while learning/articulate it will make huge changes. Ex: right proper fit how for running, exercise will work properly rather than the improper one.

Learning Strategy

1)To Learning Any skill set a)Tutor (60%) b)Infrastructure(40%) is very important
2)For Better Lab Practice, First we need to understand the theory (Demo Lab) with clear understanding.
2.1)Once I understand this, then try to practice in the lab.
Learning Strategy

this is applicable to my kubernetes learning also. munshad muhammad - Kodecloud which make my learning and Lab practice simpler or easier. or I don't know How I will complete this subject.

Learn To Love the Logic and Theory Before Practical

    if you have some doubt on the first lab, which solution was found in the last lab or any other section. So rather than working hard on the first lab itself, needs to go further with your best ability without hang/doing anything. Then later learn slowly. You have to love technology through the way of consuming it. If you really bit hard to understand any topic initially, Spend time on that specific topic on Google with strategic thinking. still don't have a clear idea ask a forum or friend.

Which is Important Theoretical or Practical ( 20 vs 30 )

Studying complete Theory is wrong

Without any theory directly going and trying to practice the Lab also wrong.

 What is Correct (My Perspective)

Before going to practical take the core element (Architecture/Component/Installation), Study on that aspect Theory on 30% then what you have studied apply in the Lab section 20%.In that move further.

Improve Your Reading(Scan/Analyze) Habituation

    While studying anything, how you are reading the article about the specific topic is important, we need to scan(analyze, read) the topic in the following way
Picture Title
Then choose the topic and focus on the specific topic. If you are not familiar with any vocabulary, try to find out. It will help you to understand more clearly and will be helpful in the future also.

Way of Approach your Certification and Course

    The way of approaching your certification (or)course is important, you need to first thing first you have  to prioritize and practice it. I’ll study in the following way.
a)Choose the right course
c)Learning Platform medium(Analyze – udemy, coursera)
d)Schedule/Prepare Agenda about course time duration
e)Prepare Good documentation
f)Practice the Lab
g)Before Apply certification, Interact with those who have already done this, or check about their profile on Linkedin.
h)Apply for the certification.
Choose the right Course
    Choosing the right course is important, because if you study high end technology then competition would be highest the real time lab environment also touch, also make sure who are involved on that specific course
Example :
Machine Learning :
Needs to have Lot of Programming knowledge
Who : Software Engineer, M.Tech, Phd Graduate.
Lab: it is very difficult to get the real lab setup and do in the real time,
Success Project Rate : as I have read ML project success rate 20% in real time.
Risk : High , Course fee
Future: Good Future (30+ years)
Salary: High
Needs to have Administer plus development knowledge
Who: System administrator + Developer
Lab: we can easily set up on the cloud and practice it.
Success Project Rate: Most of the company’s Production application use the kubernetes and Devops
Risk : Less, Course fee good resource available.
Future : Good Future (15 years)
Salary: Medium
Comment: if you really want to learn ML, First study the Devops because ML is built on Devops.most of the Technologies are built on the Docker,Kubernetes.

Certification syllabus

    Take from the source website, kubernetes or Linuxfoundation. I have to prepare on exam point of view and also a practical aspect. What question will be asked on the certification, I need to prepare in that way. Or else I study other things. So I have to think from an examiner point of view.

Learning Platform Medium (60%) 

Go to the Udemy course, Don’t just take within one or two hour, Take at least one or two days and analyze
1. Tutor presentation about whether he is making bluff or really he has the work experience,
2. Course Duration
3. Review rate
Because, you are going to spend around 1 or 2 months of your time on these courses. The right choice will make your learning very easy and also you will get confidence to work with production.

How Can we Make sure, For Learning We are going on right Path

    While learning basic things very clearly from a good mentor, website or book or else later it will become a  mess. You will learn a lot finally you won’t remember anything. While studying Don’t concentrate on anything.

Good Learning Phase (Quality)

Bad Learning Phase(Quantity)

1)Initial step, I need to spend the time to choose the right one, need to analyze.(Because, foundation is important). 

1)without analysis Just going forward.

2)Concentrate on only one things

2)Concentrate on two many things.

3)Knowing Basic things clearly and going slowly

3)Without knowing the basics, going very fast.

4)Take gap in between, and recall what are things studied and meditate

4)without a gap keep on learning.

5)Every technical term knows the meaning, it will help you to learn the things in a prescribed way.

Without knowing the meaning, just bluff.

6)able to explain in your own simple terms, with the minimum words.

After two or three weeks, your way of learning becomes very easy. You will enjoy the learning to build the superstructure on the basic one.

Explain complex things with long statements without correct vocabulary.

Even after a long time if you face the problem or find it difficult to understand the subject(or) not showing interest, your way of approaching(or)studying the topic is wrong. You have to look at it from a different angle. Ex : Kubernetes , Guitar, Car Driving, Paino Learning

7)Try to imagine everything in a practical way. need to ask the question How, why, when, what, without, with.

Know everything only in the theoretical, Don’t think in the real time practical world, not able to answer questions.

8)Troubleshooting : Taking each and every step is important, especially the first step is important. Practice the Lab(40%) without practice, you can’t understand the Technology characterize. So spend your time and what you have studied that apply into the Lab. That is will you digest the topic well and will help you later. without having the proper knowledge if you try to solve the problem, you may take a long time to solve the problem and it will affect your health too. So try to approach in a systematic way.

a)approaching in an improper way.

b)Don’t know what is happening

c)become a mess and affect your health, later you won’t remember anything.

Practice the Lab(40%)

    without practice, you can’t understand the Technology characterize. So spend your time and what you have studied that apply into the Lab. That is will you digest the topic well and will help you later.

How To Get Confidence in Programming (10 Points)

1)Build the new project, So that you will get confidence in python.
2)1000 miles start with 1 step.
3)What is best Code learning – Which is explained in code by bit by bit.(New York Music class – teaching Music lesson bit by bit)
4)Coding is applying your imagination into implementation.
5)Success is a bunch of failures. But it is about how you react to that.
6) Learn programming in strategy way
Learning 1: Active Learning vs Passive Learning
Learning 2: Teach what you have learn (Build the social Community – Present your own ideas
above what you have learnt)
Learning 3: After all you have learnt Rest and Recovery. (if you are tired and study you will IQ will become reduce).
7)see github code | Learn from Others– How they are written, learn and try to understand
it.(how they wrote code).
8)Try to build the project for your own. Whatever you have learned, make it fun and apply it into projects. Or else it would be hard for you, it will take some time. While facing any problem on longer code make it smaller bit by bit and learn and finally combine it.
NOTE: if you want to learn any syntax learn it on basic, if you directly learn on would be tougher,
time consuming
take lot of your energy
finally you will get tired and give up
You should have problem solving skills – Important.
For every programming problem, it needs to go deeper.
9)How To remember  it is easy to remember the familiar name, but it is hard to remember the number. Just like In programming it is easy to remember the string but hard to remember the wildcard.
10)Python I have confused like
1)why colon is coming
2)why space is coming and not coming
I can't understand. But try to bring a solution. Later you will be familiar with it. To remember and to become into the life of coding it comes only with practice. Just like Driving bikes, children's start to walk and talk. How much I try to have practice with coding, I’ll become familiar with these.

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