Find Your Passion on 3 Levels


1.Acquisition - How To Find a Passion

(You should identify passion(hunger) towards which technology/Concept
  1.1 To identify your passion you have to ask this question.
·        What subject/concept am I able to read/learn/articulate without getting bored?
§  If it is a book, be ready to read at least 50 to 100 book in a year.
§  If it is video, be ready to listen for at least 14 hours minimum in a week.
§  If it is being mentored by someone, be ready to listen, heed and observe without
showing any signs of ignorance.
§  Do what you Love what you Do.

·        What I am ready to do without getting encouraged/sponsored/getting paid. Even if something goes wrong take it as a challenge without giving up work towards a goal.
·        Analyse Hotspot your past -> note the peak growth/peak moments and extract the key ingredients.
For the above point  - you have to think reverse on this. What are the things you are hated? list it out, So that you will get more clarity on what you like.

How Current Learning Technology/Passion Will be worth it after 10 to 20 years.
   We need to check whether our career/passion will be worth it after 10 or 20 years (Future Technology/predict the future). Because if it is not worth it spending time on this is useless.  It is very difficult to predict. For this, you will need to know the future. Nobody in the world can predict the future, except for God. Time machine only works in the Films. However, we can get a little bit of insight if we know the core value. Anyhow in-between this time if anyone invents/creates something new then old one becomes obsolete. So it depends
                                i.          What kind of research is going on this specific current technology?
                               ii.          Who is involved in this?
                              iii.          What are the challenges and limits in the current one(then there is need that they will look something like a new one) or if they don't have any challenges they will spend the time to bring some innovation on the old product? (Bring New vs to keep the existing)
Using this above small key factor we can able to predict a little bit.


 2.1 What kind of returns will I get it for my investment in term of time Time/energy/study  

a) Knowledge

This knowledge-based on to whom/which you have more transaction( Interaction) with. If you have more transaction with
·        Technology person -> Acquire technology
·        Sportsperson -> Acquire sports knowledge
·        Spiritual person -> Acquire spiritual knowledge
·        Work more with the device -> Acquire how to operate the device wisely(like James Bond)
·        Communication person -> Acquire  language
·        Working with Natural gardening /animal -> observer the natural behavior

b) Daily/weekly/monthly usage- for you/customer(users).

            Once you find a passion which you are going to convert into your career. You need to check the usage. How frequent you have to use this, whether is it daily/weekly/monthly. For example -
·        Doctor -> patient met the doctor monthly/yearly
·        Electronic gadget (Cell phone/Laptop/TV) - Client use gadget daily
·        Software Developer -> depends on the Software usage - banking software monthly once, WhatsApp - daily.

C) Money

 depends on your job risk/responsibility, skill set worth (rare skill/ common), who are using (clients/users).

3) Conversion - Turning your passion into a business

                               Once you find the passion - Take the following action for convert into your career
1.     Set goal
2.     Be wise to apply your goal into a practical experiment (need patience)
3.     Try to build/meet the same kind of skillful mind person network.
4.     Get Out of your comfort zone

o   Comfort zone - Just normal learning (70%)
o   Risk zone - bring innovation, Learning new stuff.(20%)
o   Panic Zone - 10 %

Software Future Technology
·        Big Data (IOT, Analytics, Machine Learning, AI)
·        Which one do we need to start the study, How to choose our career, How to invest our time/energy/knowledge - How to identify our passion - How can I invest my knowledge

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