Network Blocking Vs Non Blocking Architecture


Blocking Non Blocking
1)Blocking (synchronous write)- same time read and data not possible waiting for acknowledgment. latency time will be increase.

2)In the Other Words.
Blocking: Processor send and receive operation does not happens quickly.latency time is increase compare to the Non blocking mode operation.

3)Blocking Network is not better than non blocking Network.
1)Non-Blocking (asynchronous write)- Same time data can read and write.
Application can respond reading data from the socket and send some data back.latency time is less.

2)Non Blocking : Non Blocking opposite to blocking Message.
Perform send and receive operating Immediately.
without acknowledgment whether Message has been receive or not.
Transport of multiple packet at low latency on all ports.

3)Non blocking throughput always ensure the better performance.
it is maintain low latency.

4)Blocking & Non Blocking architecture are design in the
Network switches. it is type of switch architecture
Blocking & Non Blocking Architecture.
As per the diagram non-blocking network architecture has lot of massive inter network connectivity.
Non-Blocking is characteristics or advantage of the Switch.
1)Non-blocking network provides full connectivity like crossbar network.
2)required significant number of switches. 3)Non-Blocking I/O avoid client being wait for request to be accepted by the transport layer during one-way message for connection-oriented protocol. 4)Non-Blocking socket able to call send(), recv(),connect(),accept() without having wait for result. 5)Never wait for operation to be completed.
Note: Non-Blocking Architecture Switch Specification.
25Ports * 1000Mbps Unmanaged High sped & non-blocking architecture switch

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