Sequence And Collaboration Diagram for Telephone Directory Rational Rose Software


To design the sequence and collaboration diagrams for telephone directory. Sequence diagram it has the three module first one is user then second login form and the final is database db. First user enter there username then from the login form to database it will check the username and password is correct or not if it is correct then login to the account . Just like we draw the sequence diagram for customer name, search module, Telephone address and customer address.
Collaboration Diagram
After draw the sequence diagram using shortcut key F5 you can generate the collaboration diagram.
Sequence Diagram:
Login Module

Draw sequence diagram for login section using Rational RoseCustomer Name and Address
How to draw Rational Rose sequence diagram implement telephone Directory Customer Name
How to get name address from the Telephone directory sequence diagram rational rose Get Telephone Number From the Telephone Directory
Rational Rose Collaboration diagram to get the telephone number
CONCLUSION Thus the sequence and collaboration diagram for the telephone directory was done and the output was verified successfully.

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