Problem Statement for Dictionary System Use Case Diagram Identify Actor And use case


To create a use-case diagram for dictionary system.
Creating a Dictionary system:
The use case diagram for the dictionary system is created. It provides an external view of a dictionary system.
In this system, the user first login to the system with user name and password. user name of every user is unique.
The user enters the word to the system for finding meaning of the word.
The system searches the meaning for the given word.
If the word is available on the database then the system retrieve and display the meaning for the word otherwise it show the message box that contains please enter correct word.
Identify Actor:
1. User
2. Database.
Use cases:
1. Login
2. Enter the word
3. Search
4. Retrieve
Use case diagram:

Dictionary Rational rose use case diagram user database login enter the work search
Thus the use case diagram for Dictionary system was constructed using Rational Rose Application Software.

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