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To draw the class diagram for the bank process and to identify the attributes and methods of those classes.
DESCRIPTION Online Banking SystemClass diagram is referred to as object modeling. It is the main static diagram, it shows the static structure of the model.
A class diagram is a collection of classes and other relationship connected as a group to each other and to other contacts.
A class is drawn as a rectangle with three components separated by horizontal line. The top name compartment holds class name. The middle compartment holds general properties of the class. The bottom compartment holds the list of operation or method.
Abstract class is represented using italic fonts.
The classes described in this bank process are customer, bank and account.
The class customer has the following attributes are:
(i) Customer name
(ii) Account number
(iii) Address
(iv) Phone number
The operation of the class customer are:
(i) Create a new account
(ii) Deposit
(iii) Withdraw
The class bank has the following attributes and operations are:
The attributes are:
(i) Customer details
(ii) Loan details
(iii) Rules and Regulation
(iv) Transition type
(v) Transition date
(vi) Transition time
Internet Bank Software The operations are:
(i) Providing loan
(ii) Update details
(iii) Collect money
(iv) Transaction

The class account has the following attributes and operations are:
Internet Bank Software The attributes are:
(i) Customer name
(ii) Account number
(iii) Balance
The operations are:
(i) Update account
(ii) Check account
Class Diagram Online Banking System

Class Diagram For Online Banking System, Internet Bank Software algorithm in c++
CONCLUSION: Thus, the class diagram for a bank process is drawn using Rational Rose. Internet Bank Software in c++ algorithm

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