Computer Architecture CA134 IF 245 Fourth Unit-IV PARALLEL PROCESSING Important 2 marks Question And Answer


1) What is meant by parallel processing?
Parallel processing is an efficient form of information processing which emphasizes the exploitation of concurrent events in the computing process. Concurrency implies parallelism, simultaneity & pipelining.
2) What are the programmatic levels in parallel processing?
There are 4 levels in parallel processing.
a) Job or Program level b) Task or Procedure level
c) Inter instruction level d) Intra instruction level
3) What is an uniprocessor system?
A system with a single processor is called an uniprocessor system.
4) What are the components of uniprocessor system?
There are 3 major components.
a) Main memory b) Central processing unit c) Input – Output system
5) What is program counter?
A program counter is a special CPU status register. It contains information about the current status of the processor.
6) What is a multiprocessor system?
One can extend the computer structure to include multiple processors with shared memory space and peripherals under the control of one integrated operating system. Such a computer is called a multiprocessor system.
7) What is meant by multiprogramming?
The program interleaving is intended to promote better resource utilization through overlapping I/O and CPU operations. This interleaving of I/O and CPU operations among several programs is called multiprogramming.
8) What is parallel computer?
Parallel computer is a system that emphasizes parallel processing.
9) What are the architectural features of parallel computers?
They are divided into 3 configurations.
a) Pipeline computers b) Array processors c) Multiprocessor systems
10 ) What are the parallelisms achieved by the architectural features of parallel computer?
i) Temporal parallelism ii) Spatial parallelism iii) Asynchronous parallelism
11) What are the steps in the process of executing an instruction?
i) Instruction Fetch (IF) ii) Instruction Decode (ID) iii) Operand Fetch (OF)
iv) Execute (EX)
12) What is an array processor?
An array processor is a synchronous parallel computer with multiple arithmetic logic units called processing elements (PE) that can operate in a parallel fashion.

13) What are the interconnections used in a multi processor system?
1) Time shared common bus
2) Multi port memories
3) Cross bar switch network
14) What are control flow computers?
The conventional Von Neuman Machines are called control flow computers because instructions are executed sequentially as controlled by a program counter.
15) What is an instruction Stream?
An instruction stream is a sequence of instruction as executed by the machine.
16)What is Data Stream?
A data stream is a sequence of data including input or temporary results called by the instruction stream.
17) What are the machine organizations of FLYNN’s classifications?
18) What is meant by horizontal processing?
Horizontal processing is a pipelined vector processing in which vector computations are performed horizontally from left to right in row fashion.
19) What is meant by vertical processing?
Vertical processing is a pipelined vector processing in which vector computations are performed vertically from top to bottom in column fashion.
20) What is throughput?
A throughput is the amount of processing that can be accomplished during a given interval of time.

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