Sequence Diagram For Student Mark Analysis And Procedure


Aim: To create a sequence diagram from use-cases flow of events.
1. Add sequence diagram to the browser.
open the previous project model.
Add the get student mark analysis sequence diagram under its usecase
realization in the browser and then open the diagram.
2. Add actor and classes.
Using the use-case specification determine the actors and the classes and add them to
the diagram arrange them accordingly.
3.Add object messages.
Click the object message icon in the diagram toolbar and then drag the mouse from
the lifetime of the sending object to the lifetime of the receiving object.
4. Add responsibilities.
Right click the object message and then click the responsibility from the list of
existing responsibilities.
5.Save the model.

Sequence Diagram For Student Mark Analysis SystemResult: Thus the sequence diagram for the use-cases flow of events was drawn successfully CS1403- CASE TOOLS LAB

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