PL/SQL PROGRAM FOR FUNCTION AND PROCEDURE | Using function and procedure in sql program for the factorial program


To write PL/SQL program using function and procedure..

Algorithm for main function:
Accept he value of n in the function FACT two parameters.
Compute the factorial using for loop.
Return the output to main function using return statement.
Stop the program.
Algorithm for main program :
Get the value of n, factorial to be found.
Call the function fact with parameters.
Display the factorial of a given number.
Stop the program.

SQL> create or replace function fact(n number) return number is
2 i number(3);
3 f number:=1;
4 begin
5 for i in 1..n
6 loop
7 f:=f*i;
8 end loop;
9 return(f);
10 end fact;
11 /
Function created.
Main program:
SQL> set serveroutput on
SQL> declare
2 f number(3);
3 n number(3):=&n;
4 begin
5 f:=fact(n):
6 dbms_output.put_line('factorial='f);
7 end;
8 /

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