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January 1 2004 was a Thursday, what day of the week lies on January 1 2005. Calendar Quantitative

First find the no of odd days between January 1 2005 and January 1 2004
2004 is leap year so it has the odd days 2
So Thursday+2 days (Friday +Saturday)
So it will be Saturday
Aptitude Quantitative Question Answer
Another Method
January 1 2005=(2004+2005 January 1)
2000 it has 0 odd days-----------------------1
4 it has 1 leap year and 3 ordinary year
S 2+3=5 odd days-------------------------2
January 1 in 2005
it has one odd days=1---------------3
Finally equation from 1,2,3, no of odd days are =0+5+1=6
6th is Saturday—Interview important aptitude question

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