Pure and Rich in Love

 Judgment evaluation should be clear. Blessing of the new nature, access to God, Fatherly love help in prayer, spiritual unity, glorious inheritance.

Advocate Christ

God is Rich in Love Righteous

    Election, Redemption, Regeneration, Imputed 
Righteousness, prayer, protection, provision, perseverance, 

His Blessing Upon Believers

    Another helper, New commandment, New Nature, name, Life, relationship.

Knowledge Vs Life

Knowing Vs Growing

Own Desire Vs God's Desire

Correct Judgment Vs Wrong Judgement

Waiting for the Lord Vs Do everything on his own

Without doing anything Vs preparing for Christ.

Christian must walk in Spiritual wealth

Attract Qualities Vs Poor Qualities

 God discipline His child vs No Discipline

Sincere Faith Vs Lack of Faith

endurance Vs give up

Searching Vs Not searching (or) Not ask to God

Survival Vs Revival

waiting for God's voice Daily + Be diligent fly like eagle

Daniel - God is My Judge

Belteshazzar - Bel Protect His Life

Faith, Prayer, Reading Bible, Courage, Consistency, 

His Prophetic minster


Belhazzar and Persia (Dairus and Cyrus)  Christ Great stone while will crush the kingdom of this world.

    Israel would suffer under gentile power, but not permanent. A time will come when God will establish the messianic kingdom which will last forever.

    Daniel repeatedly confirm the sovereignty and power of God over human affairs. The most high rules in the kingdom of men, gives to whomever He chooses.

    The God who direct the forces of history has not deserted His people. They must continue to trust him, because His promises of Preservation and ultimate restoration are as sure as the coming of Messiah.

    Lustful pleasure they enjoy for a moment later they will suffer or think about past mistake.

    But God given pleasure, initially they will suffer for Christ sake, then God will give enjoyment in His own time.


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