How To Live Happy Christian Life Through Narrow Way

    Trouble is a part of this life -  All Christians are expect God to keep them away from the hardship, but God has not promised to do this. What are the things happens in your life, if you see in human point of view you will get discourage, but if start to look on God's point of view, you will recognizing His Character and seeing His hands in all our circumstances. For happy life, we should not go away from our boundary, and know the God is sovereign.

God's Wisdom and His Power

1.God's Plan
2.God's way or Our Own Way
3.Free Will
4.Give Glory to God

Our Response 

1.Decision Making

2.To Be Happy in the Lord/Uniqueness

3.Know your enemy

4. Faith 

5. Narrow Way Mindset Vs Broader Way Mindset

6. Walking Alone with God and Praise Him - Bible Example

7.Maintain Clear Conscience  

8.Satan's attack

9.Self Deception 

10.During Transaction Period

11.To Make things Possible and work Hard

12.How To Convey the message

13.How to improve quality/life

14.Evaluate the Character

15.Improve your thought process

16.How to Enhance your skill

17.Be a Good Team Player

18.Sacrifice Christian Life(Jerusalem) vs Babylonian Christian

19.Perfect Submission Perfect Peace

God's Plan

    God has plan everyday of your life, How flight travelling from starting location to destination. if it is traveling away from path, it have to face the different unprecedented challenges, like whether and other attribute. To come back to related path they have to take effort and come back. Same is applicable to spiritual life, if we are going away from the God's plan our whole life circumstances will change, it is difficult to come back track. So always make sure you are in the track. That is easy way to reach the destination. Mainly patience play vital role on this. if you are really walk in God's will - you will be strong, fit in emotionally and  spirt . you may go on difficult path. But God will not allow too much difficulties, even if he will allow he will give assurance to go through it. Also remember God know every things about you, if you still not bare, share with believer whom you have confidence. God's will is perfect will.

God's way or Our Own Way

    What you are doing is not important, What God is done through you that is important. So, while doing job and daily activities we need to follow the discipline, not follow the Bad mood. To avoid bad mood, be discipline in sleep and working hours and daily morning workout, then your life is under your control.Still our inner spirit always connected to the Lord, ask the steps to proceed next. This is applicable in Personal Life, Office, and Church. We need to produce Isaiah not Ishmael. Don't try to big famous, response only to God's voice and have relationship with that members. Christian daily life is learning and Going fast, which may looks correct. Later you don't have strength to handle unknown things. So always go slow observe every things. Observation is very important Character. you can learn lot using within your boundary and if you have good observation, you can enjoy your life also. Observation is within yourself, and your fellow believers whom God's Chosen not others. From Godly Children we can learn lot of good Virtual Character.

Free Will

    God's will for us is indeed perfect, God never takes away from us our free will. if we do not surrender our will to god, then we will miss His perfect plan. For all the blessing god will give the two option one is your own fleshly way other is spiritual way. while reading from Genesis Book we have seen two characters, one is Abel another Cain, Able without any force or pressure, he is given the best thing to God, But Cain with lot of burden he gives worst grain offering from his labor. But God accept the Able offering. if you want to have another example, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, God gave the free will, But Adam choose his own desire and disobedient to God's comment. So God's Commandment would be simple obedient with pure heart, But we ourselves try to do lot and generate lot of fleshly Ishmael. Every blessing comes with Obedient to God and His voice. if you take care your Christian life serious, and love Christ. Your eternity would be sweeter.

Give Glory to God

    if you want to go steady steadfast life, always give important to God, Don't take glory of God to yourself. Give glory to God. if I want to explain in different way, other people also should see Christ in you. Not always be a preacher, Some time we need to be silent give control to God works in other life also. People needs to see life in you. God will speak to us, through thought (match along with Bible), depends on our choice. True worship involves obedience and sacrifice, that we have seen on Abraham's Life. What kind of faith Abrahams's have, Abraham's willing to obey whatever God's commended, even ready to sacrifice his only son who was born with God's promises. Abhrahm didn't believe God, when everything he has, He believe God when he doesn't have health body to produce the child. it is not about just singing song in Choir, But obeying God in personal life is valuable one.

Decision Making

    Marriage, Job and Church Activities should have capable of handling people and environment, without any noise affecting others. Good sleep will give the focus thinking. Good sleep mean when you wake up next day, you have to feel fresh. Don't hurry up at any point. Consistent, Stability is important in spiritual life. Consistency other interrelated characters are Patience, Observe, wait, new challenges. How To serve, not like no love for God in your heart, not came for serve but served, Serving in Joy. what ever you see , to take decision you need to scale. For better decision making observation is good character. when you lose patience, you will loss the observation. Then Satan will take control over you. So be vigilant in all the matters. And when you are taking decision, if it is right. it would become brighter and brighter on every step, on the another hand if it is not clear then you will get lot of confusion, don't have clarity.

During any conversation, how you are conveying the message, and getting the information is really matter. That is really depends on your professional Character. We have to ask, what they can provide what they can't provide. How can we get the matter to be done in professional way (Email confirmation, document). Neatness is very important on the conversation.

The greatest Challanges During the Transaction is Hidden Truth.

  • To know the hidden truth. This would be done through lot of conversation and communication.
  •  To validate, you have to cross verify with some other tool, senior person. (Don't go with assume)
  •  You should not be in unrest (haste and panic), that they will take advantage of you. if you have any question, you have to ask in polite way starting itself.

Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty - Tacitus

To Be Happy in the Lord/Uniqueness

    To be Happy in the Lord, We have to Judge ourself so that we will not be Judge and sad. if we have any of our uniqueness/skill, we try to work hard to maintain that uniqueness, without diluting. Then we will know the pain of your Church elders, Manager who is responsible for you. Speaking always it won't give fruitful result, Sometime staying calm and focus do what is needed. which will make things easier. However, we have to take require effort to complete the task.

Know your enemy

    God is building each and everyone, when you obey him. Don't respond to any evil thoughts. Thanks God alone in your secret life. Timing is very important follow the discipline. Satan main goal is to discourage you through negative thought, He tries through different Circumstances/People, Don't respond to that. Be vigilant/silent listen to God's voice carefully. Don't give up praying to God about your desire what you like. God will always listen to you if you are honest. if we accept Satan's wrong thought , they will lead us into self-pity and depression. Many events we cannot explain and hard to understand, because we are seeing things from earthly point of view not from God's viewpoint. But one day when we see heavenly side of God's doing. we will see his perfect design and plan for our life. That time we will say " Lord, I praise you and thank you, your way is indeed perfect." we may not see how all things are working together for our eternal good, but we can know it because God says so(Romans 8:28).


    we need to have simple faith, which mean God loves us How he loved Jesus. I am a children of God. With this simple belief, where God place you, you have do the Good works in possible way. That is how Daniel lived in unknown place. When others are despise God's Covenant , Daniel and his 3 fellow brothers, give important to God's covenant and obey that. They use all the opportunity to glorify God in firmly. 2 Corinthians 5:5 -7 (5.Now He who has prepared us for this very thing is God, who also has given us the Spirit as guarantee........7.For we walk by Faith, not by Sight.) 

     Faith Vs Law(Slavery or addicted) => How you got spirit of Christ through law or faith. Galatians 3:3(Are you so foolish? having begin in Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh? ) So just by obeying the law or commandments it won't give the life, it would come through faith, that would create spiritual life. Galatians 3:18 ( For if the inheritance is of the law, it is no longer of promise; but God gave it to Abraham by promise). So true faith and God's promises are link to one another, The person really have true faith have believe in God's promises.

Narrow Way Mindset Vs Broader Way Mindset

       we can live two way of living on this earth. whether we can live Narrow way with focus way of thinking on Christ or else we can live Broader way How we wants and enjoying/indulgence ourselves. Narrow way which always leads to Life(How Christ Live on the earth). That is reason Jesus told no of People who are going through the Narrow way is less, compare to Broader way. Because when we start to live narrow, our way of thinking (mindset) will change. it always remember to think about Christ, His Saints and His kingdom. As we know , Our Bible moral way of living life standard is high. We can acquire this life with narrow way of  crucified life. That is safest life on this earth compare to anything else, if we try to say in another words, it is a easiest way of doing the God's will. we may have access to enjoy our wealth(money/property). But we need to remember everything is His property. we are just stewards.

    Broader way mindset people use all their wealth and enjoy without having concern about others. There is no sin in enjoying wealth. But it is sin if we only consider ourselves not others. Doing and living what is needed is the best rather than doing whatever we like. Prosperity Gospel which will not help to acquire Life of Christ, But it will just acquire the knowledge without having life. That is miserable. Because Jesus never talk about this first. In Matthew 6:33 Jesus told, if you seek His kingdom and righteous, all these things will be provided to you. So our first priority is Seeking His kingdom in all the possible way, not about looking on the earthly matters. That is How first centurion Christian live on the earth.

    This is daily crucified life looking unto Jesus, not in Circumstances. This is the very happiest life on this earth on each and every individual can desire for that.

Walking Alone with God and Praise Him - Bible Example 

    The people who know their God, will walk alone with him. God and them, only one to one communication. That much intimacy we can bring during communication with God. During this lonely time, Initial period it may look lot of emptiness. Because we don't know the path. When we surrender all our life to Christ, Christ will show the way. In this time, we need to have patience and do good where God placed, how God want to be. Bible is double edge sword which will help be discern between soul and spirt. So always relay on the Bible specially on New Testament.

My Previous/Earlier Thoughts:  you can entertain yourself, listening to Christian music. Because, sometime reading Bible itself look difficult. Hearing Gospel song. we will get lot of answers for our doubt and questions. and it also encourage us to move forward in Christian life.

Real Truth: it won't help for Christian life. it will make slave of the songs. Only selected few songs they really glorify God. Remaining all the thoughts are entertainment.

    For this we can take the cross reference from the Bible as Daniel, Abraham Life. They surrender 100% life to Christ. while consider Daniel life, we may wondering How God Save us. But there is better blessing, when you see his personal life. He is praise/Pray to God three times in a day. He walk alone with God. which help when great trouble comes, God give ability to handle/response the questioner in polite way.

Maintain Clear Conscience

    Maintain the clear conscience, first it will start within yourself, depends on your choice. what are the things you see/hear/read in your personal time. it will affect your life. if we give lot of inputs which is not clear we can't expect the clear conscience. which will affect the core system. Whenever you maintain the clear conscience, your health system will also work in better way in supernatural. So before start to invest your time on anything, think twice whether is it really edifying you, help you to grow in the Lord. There is lot personal discipline which you take to self-control yourself. Because self-control is one of Holy-spirt Gift. Example reading the Bible, Family Prayer Time, Hearing Gospel Music/doing exercise, Fellowship with believers.

Satan's attack

    Doing anything focus needs to important, it may be exercise, music, working in office. For that we need to have clear mind, Satan and their agent always try to create the bad memories in our mind. if there is any pain in physical, it won't affect that much. But if we have any pain in soul, which is affect mood. it is completely make mess. That is reason, Jesus told, Don't worry about tomorrow. We should not worry about anything. But give thanks to Jesus and do you job sincerely. But during traveling while attend the church, attend some function. our mindset will change. But we need to have good peace of mind. This time, we need to be very cautious. If there is something wrong, don't be magnify. Just move forward slowly. Always remember without God's permission nothing happens in your life. Don't get discourage, instead move forward slowly and confess your faith. why God allow to attack Satan, So that we may become strong. Satan and his wicked followers were used by God as His servants to accomplish his prefect will.

Self Deception 

     Don't have peace of mind to read the Bible. And think I am godly Man. Self deception is the greatest danger rather than what other do harm in your life. it will destroy you. Whenever daily sacrifice is removed from your life, remember that you start to fall into the self-deception. which means indirectly you start to believe, God's is not loving you and care for you and accept the world point of view.

During Transaction Period

    While doing any transaction, you should not be angry, sin, and get disease. To avoid illness or bad through, try to maintain the better environment. which will help things makes easier. if someone saying something, which is not affect your clear conscience, do that which will make good relationship with them and create good memories also. But if it is affect your conscience, you have to say in polite way. Rather if you do and behave wrong, it will affect your Christian life. At the same time, you have to enjoy your life about what your are doing. If you are not enjoy just practice. Get help from some mentor. (Transaction should match Bible Cross reference). During the better transaction do it everything in step by step and stone by stone. you have to enjoy every moment in Jesus, But to other you have to behave a normal human being. you should not reveal information to third person, then they will make mess. Whenever we are going to change the place from one location to another location it will affect lot of things in health(Body, Soul, Spirt) through (human influence, weather condition, atmosphere). While traveling also same thing  will be applicable. So before doing that, we should have good ecosystem. We have to make all transaction in quality way.

    Patience + Know the subject well + Should be on Rest. 

To Make things Possible and work Hard

    For success, Communication plays vital role. You have to communicate in way, they have understand your situation and also give possible option to complete this task. Communication playing very vital role. Good communication will make your job smoother, at the same time it make worst if you not response to God's voice. So How you are trying to communicate it is matter. Imagination play vital role, Because when you are communicate, what kind of impact it will have to make quality communication. you have to think twice. At the same time, Don't imagine too much. Don't take other headache into yours. you need to have balance on this side. Any problem work related, try to find solution through result oriented(Win/Win) not make noise. Jesus and His people Joshua, Daniel, Joseph Moses, Abraham everyone is working Hard to live on this earthly life. So work hard on all the possible ways in God's will.

Walk by Sight or Walk by Faith

    if you are looking below picture, we will get two option walk by sight or walk by faith. So whenever you take decision about what you hear and see, that may be wrong. you have to cross check with required person(he should be honest) and should be patience. The main important things, you have to rely on God. God will work everything good for you, even your environment. That is God's wisdom. if you only start to believe what you are seeing it will create discourage, depression. Rather with faith we have to worship God, Thank God, Confess the Faith in proper way.

Faith and God's Plan

How To Convey the message

    There is greatest power speaking soft and sharp rather than speak lot and loud .Christian life we have to walk slow and steady correct yourself, Self evaluation is important. So that we can evaluate others. For this observation is key thing. Doing any great work or fulfill there is great patience and perseverance is needed. During any transaction we should not get sick and tired. To know the truth we have to tune information, about what we hear the information. Don't believe in lies. then you will become victim. Don't fear about evil/agents discern the sprit.

How to improve quality/life

    Doing right thing at right time, will help you to improve your quality of life.For this activity we need to have patient. As per the Bible mention from James Chapter, To get prefect result we have to endure until last and the same time it is also mention man's anger does not produce righteousness of God. To get clear information about anything, we need to have lot of patience. what we know is smaller, what we have to know is much larger. That we have to learn in beautiful way.

if you want to improve qualify of anything, you have to go through the lot of process, Example Bible is written and it was checked 7 times, Just like if you are producing anything in quality, you have to check multiple time. This will avoid lot of errors. What you believe and practice, you can share to others in righteous way. That will stay for long time.

Evaluate the Character

    check the parents, and their sons relation, what they have learn from them. learn, Spiritual ,Soul ,Spirt. From the mistakes, whey they have corrected. if they are sharing anything, try to to learn what they are try to convey, whether they are really work hard or try to make fun/mess. if the children stay with parents for longer time, they have learn something from their parents. Most possibility of inheriting the character from their parents are high.

Improve your thought process

As the consequence of this failure, strike me to thing why I can't do this exercise daily in my home itself. that small trigger change my way of thinking. So, I get good/growth in thought process. you have to practice and analysis everything(self-realization). if we say in another term we have to renew our thought process, which mean acquire the new knowledge, using what we have acquire we have to tune the information, what we need we have to make doc/good practice, if we  don't need, make clearance. That will make more neat and clear picture about our Goal. This process needs to happens regularly. when you talk to person, you have to evaluate properly.

How to Enhance your skill

    So, failure is first step to enhance our thinking. But always try to replace mistake with correct things. For music try to thing and start to hear lot, if you want to become good body fit, you have to connect all the dotted lines, which will help you to enhance your skill. if you are not invest what you like or love some one start to invest/comment on you. Whenever what you love, to do that you have to sacrifice something. if you are really achieving success in any matter, you will get lot opportunity and friends in a right way. if I need to success any skill, you need to know the subject very well. Connect the dotted lines. Most important one, you have to love what you are doing.

    Don't stop to invest yourself in terms of physical fitness, Learning music, course. when you are doing so, you stop growing. Christian life also in the career , we don't know the roadmap, Sometime, everything looks good. after while it would be difficult. So always we have to prepare for long sight, about what you are getting the input. When you have strength and time, work hard and make everything in proper way, that will help you when you don't have strength or time, and also before becoming urgent anything do it everything in advance(What you are doing at your free time is important).

Be a Good Team Player

    You have to work along with team. Success team player will involve/motivate other also do/complete the task. Not only commenting to do job, also take other burdens/work to complete the activity. You have to behave normal, even tough if you have stuff. For good team leader you have to take others burden and try to help them. So that our environment will be become good and richer. if someone despise you, don't respond to them.

Sacrifice Christian Life(Jerusalem) vs Babylonian Christian

    What ever you take decision, that will make your future in two direction. Either in towards Jerusalem or Babylonian. So, while taking decision be careful. if I want to say in another words, you have to predict about what decision you are taking now. If you don't predict/evaluate anything properly, later you will suffer due to loss of time/energy. In another words, you have plan for the upcoming activity.

Perfect Submission Perfect Peace

      When there is perfect submission to God, there will be perfect peace. we must be thankful in all the circumstances. Submit to God's hand for all your achievement, failures, problem, struggle. God will make beautiful in His time, if we obey His voice carefully (Should match along with Bible).

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