Spiritual Gossip How Much It Is Danger


Bro Mohan C Lazarus - Personal Feedback about Gossip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQToz9kvHDk
Where ever you are gossip.
1)Chennai girl when she didn’t accept you. You indirectly telling wrong things about that girl. But she is gently response to your family without exposing you to others.
Say Yes mean yes or No mean NO. If anything, extra it is from the devil. Be careful in this matter.
2)whatever you interact with office and church /family be careful in this matter.

On the Other Hand.
1)Jesus exposes the Pharisees hypocrisy publicly.
2)Jesus spoke about Pharisees to his Disciples, about you should be aware/careful about this wolf which comes like a lamp.
3)Jesus talks to the Samaritan girl personal and tell about her sin and salvation.
4)if we bridle our tongue and eyes we can be safe from the lot of sin.

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