Checklist Cluster Software Upgradation


What are things I have to do Before doing cluster software upgradation.  
Pre Upgrdation
1)Take a backup of old version
            a)important configuration file
            b)log parameter
            C)setting like PBS queue configuration, hook data.
 2)Upgrade the software.
Post Upgradation
3)Once upgrade check all the old parameter like queue hook node details everything configured. For example, in PAS after new installation FILE EXPIRATION date will be reset by default 14 days. So we need to change into at least max no of days or else all the old data will be deleted (Bala’s experience). NOTE: At any point in time if anything goes wrong we should ready to restore the data or else we will lose the confidence with customer.

What are the things I have learned? – SGI Backup of the OS Image
1)if you are going to learn or troubleshoot any problem using trial and error method using two hosts.
Before doing any R&D. take the backup of the system completely. So that if we did anything wrong we can retrieve it.
2)This kind of software like SGI management, HP CMU -> to learn this software not only depends on the software, we have to use our logic thinking. Because documentation and support it won’t be straightforward.
3)To solve the Complicate new problem/To learn new kind of software – we need to spend extra time, like if needed we need to spend after office hours without disturbance, ready to go very late so that we will get enough time. We can learn everything in detail and clarity. There is no pressure also. If you are work under pressure you can’t learn so much and lot possibility to do the mistake- Ready To Invest The Time To Learn New Things.

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