Linux Desktop Righ Click Not Working Print Screen Not Working


PROBLEM 1: desktop right click is not working and Print screen is not working
 PROBLEM : User home directory is not mounted.
Solution : Mount the user home directory properly, then the problem get solved.

PROBLEM 2 : when the user try to login, it will accept username/Password. But instead of login to the window further it will show the login screen again.
Root Cause of the Problem : .bashrc or .cshrc file PATH environment variable is not properly set, Due to this all the important/basic vim,ls command won't work.
Solution : set the Proper PATH for environment variable , then the problem get solved. So, if the user is unable to login,

Please do the following checklist
1)Home directory is mounted or not.
2)if mounted, is it having the correct permission  for the home folder
3)PATH environment variable has been set correctly.

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