Build Robust Aquirum Fish Tank in Your Home.


Before we are going to build fish aquarium.
we need to gather information.
1)What is size of the fish tank
1.1)what is main purpose of the fish tank.
2)Depends on the fish tank size needs to buy aquarium filter.

Ask one more question -> What is size of the fish tank - > if we are going very deeper in this perspective.
what is main purpose of the fish tank
1)Entertainment/Loving pets
2)sales purpose
in this above question, my choice is 1)Entertainment/Loving Pets -> I have plan to built the
aquarium fish tank in the professional manner.

GOOD aquarium tank it is required following things
1)Proper Ph Level(pH -> Power of Hydrogen)
pH scale ranges from 1 to 14.
7 is consider to be neutral.
pH < 7 --- acidic
pH > 7 --- alkaline
NOTE: fish tank color it should be crystal clear.
if it does not have clear water, rather than
yellowish or any other blur color, it may affect fish.
it is better to check the ph value system.
2)Aquarium Filter
3)Fish Food.

How To preserve Fish

Question : if any one of the fish is not taking food.
it is sign, fish is not healthy,
Answer : check water pH value.

In the time of winter session ( Nov 20 to March 31). The climate will change frequently up to the lower temperature for that consequences it  will create the fungus on the organic things.
To Avoid this: we can use/buy the Aquarium water Immerssion Glass Heater with thermostat  to avoid this kind of fungus.

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