My Xcat Installation Experiance - Three Weeks


I did my xcat installation on physical server around 2 to 3 weeks without any one help but with google and linkedin support, I try to configure 
1)Yum Installation of xcat server , xcat-core 
2)configure pxeboot image.
3)configure and backup xcat template. 4)configure DNS & DHCP , TFTP using manual script generate /etc/hosts file.

Plan To Do But Fail.
1)netboot installation for compute node(due to absense of IPMI unable to do that)
Useful Link For Further instalation.
1)Xcat VirtualBox -

Better Way
1)Understand Logical Idea about Xcat rather than directly involve in trail and error method.
2)Before proceeding creating architecture diagram for Server,client,network
What I have learned
1)Spend Quality time continuous 4 hours evening time - without any disturbance and concentration on this help me to progress lot when I struck up error for troubleshooting.
2)Study core logic about activity process,slove issue.

To Be Successful  At First Time Itself - What I have To Follow
1)In the process of implementation - every STAGE we need to concentrate(or)monitor carefully.
(need to do it slowly)
2)Take enough time for the preparation (take 3 to 4 days, relax and going through the logic and steps.from top to bottom and bottom to top also)

Difficult in Xcat
1)complex architecture
2)synchronize bettwen  CLI and xcat web console is confusing.
3)Do the activity through web console make complex job.

IPMI COMMAND I have learnt
ipmitool -H <host-name> -U admin -P <Password> chassis identify
ipmitool -H <host-name> -U admin -P <Password> power cycle
ipmitool -H <host-name> -U admin -P <Password> power status
ipmitool user set password 3 admin@123
ipmitool user list 1
<hostname> should be bmc-ip not local hostname.

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