High Availability OSS And MDS Stroage Configuration Layout


High Availability MDS Module Configuration.
1)The system is built to avoid a single point of failure by using
two dual port HBA cards,
multiple SAS links and
dual RAID controllers.

High Availability OSS Module Configuration.
1)Two Dell PowerEdge R710 Server attached to
single Powervalut MD3200 Disk Array and it is Extended
with four PowerVault MD1200 Disk enclosures.
2)Storage array is designed to avoid single points of failure by employeing Redundant RAID Controller.
RAID groups and virtual disk layout of the Dell LustreTM HA-OSS module
1)MD3200 storage array performance is the correct choice and configuration of the RAID disk groups and virtual disks
2)disk configuration of the Dell LustreTM HA-OSS module.
3)There are six RAID6 disk groups configured.
4)Each RAID6 disk group consists of eight data disks and two parity disks.

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