Very Careful(or)Diligently Watch In My Spirtual Life.


2)Money Matter.
3)Move forward without slanting LEFT or RIGHT
4)Don't go Beyond CIRCLE (or) LIMIT.
5)Don't compromise in Your PERSONAL PRAYER Timing.
6)You may have 1000 problems but Solution is the ONLY one Way that is from the LORD.
7)Put GOD First In your Life in all the Time.

To Improve Technical Knowledge
1)Put God first in your life.
2)Read the lot of article related to where you pursuit.
3)Don't give up. Try to attain that towards your Goal but don't try any unrighteousness activities instead work hard.
4)Maintain the Good Health.

Particle Knowledge 
1)What you heard,learn and study, you have to implement in your particle life. It will improve your particle knowledge and it will make stronger and healthy personality in that professional and also spiritual life.
2)The problem is good battle to play & improve your strength and ability in your life.

Related To Work
1)God is Always with Hardworking & righteous people with humble spirit rather than lazy & knowledgeable people.
2)If you are Honest your problem will be resolved.
3)Problem & Trails it will built your Spiritual life.
4)Ideal mind is devil house. So always work towards GOAL.
5)Per day if you learn Single thing that is enough.
6)Everyday if you do your work diligently then only you can avoid lot of SNARE and SIN.

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