Storage Device Mapper Multipath Configuration


What is DM-Multipath
Device Mapper – Multipath : Scan the multipath device and update in the device mapper (/dev/mapper).
DM-MULTIPATH is used to provide fail over capabilities.
1)redundancy (Active/Passive)
2)Improve Performance (Active/Active)
/etc/multipath.conf- > is used to create the reasonable alias for the LUN.
To create the alias for the LUN we need the WWID(World Wide Identifier ) of the storage.
How To configure DM-Multipath
Step 1) Get the wwid using #multipath -ll (list the Multipath device)
Step 2)Update the wwid in the /etc/multipath.conf and comment the blacklist.
Step 3)Restart multipathd daemon and #fdisk -l check the list the devices
Multipathd : Depending on the failback policy. it will be reactive the path.

it is unique and unchanged. World Wide Identifier
World wide Name.
Logical Unit Number is a logical disk created by SAN
Display the Multipath device.
Display the Device map entry.
create device mapper from partition table.

To install multipath and device Mapper.
1)Install Device Mapper Mutlipath ( device-mapper-multipath rpm)
2)check multipath driver is loaded or not (#lsmod | grep multipath)
Useful Command
1)#multipath -ll  ( we can get the wwid of storage ) #multipathd -k
2)#ls /dev/mapper/*
Multipath Verification
# dmsetup ls
mpath2  (253, 4)
mpath4p1        (253, 12)

Display device map entry map multipath entry.
Display major number and minor number
1)Minor Number 4 corresponding to the multipath device is /dev/dm-4
2)Major Number should be unique
#multipath -v2
#multipath -v3
Configure & Display the Multipath Map Information.

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