How To Attend The Interview in IT Company


How To Looking For New Job
Job satisfaction is very very important rather than salary.
Don't quite job due to high salary,
Your NEW JOB should be focus on
a)Job satisfaction - Related to your project.
b)Experience People to Learn New Technology- should have lot of senior people to share the knowledge- Team strength,
c)Should Be MNC - so that Get the lot of benefits(Medical,Leave,Loan policies)
b)Feeling to free like - Open atmosphere to do lot of RND,take responsibility,interacting with manager, and taking leave.
c)Finally good salary, Salary is not primary Job Satisfaction is Primary.
d)Ready to provide lot of sponsorship and training.

How To Attend the Interview In IT Company
1)You have to maintain good
Presentation,communication,without any break.
2)Listen very carefully, what they are expecting that is what we have to deliver exactly.
Even though you are very strong in Linux. If you miss what they are expecting you may loss your job.
2.2)Don't confuse the panelist. He needs to understand clearly what you are speaking.
3)Don't speak very speedily, very slowly and steady.
4)Maintain the proper Room-availability (No disturbance, No noise and human intrusion) 5)Before contact interview don't ask too much question.
Once interview complete then ask lot of question.
6)Your word should very simple and clear (don't stumble).
7)You have to show humble & politeness.
NOTE : Interviewer they'll try to study or understand your personal behavior within one hour.
So we should focus communication and your way of explanation should be clear. and technical point of view we should be very clear without confusion
Simple Logic is - Practice Make Prefect.

My Personal Faith
JESUS CHRIST will give the right job @ right location.
Money can't solve all your problem. So your new job should peace for your personal life and church activities. if you new job collapse these ignore it. Wait for the LORD.

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