My Christian Prayer Life


After my diagnose in my personal life. I have found I am weak in prayer.

Reason For Weak In Prayer.
1. Unfaithful heart.
2.Tired about your self work.
3.Tired about your regular activities.
4.Feel Laziness in your body.
5.Concentrate on other activities rather than your work.
6.Not delight in the Lord instead grumbling .

Reason For Strong In Prayer.
1.God Is Perfect.
2.God Is Great. God will change our weakness into our strength.
3.Pray that you may not fall into temptation. (JESUS CHRIST bible quotes before he is going into Calvary )

4.Nothing is impossible with God.Everything is possible with god.
5.Realize our necessity(our weakness that we are in the world and flesh) and our needs and know anything we may fall.

PRAYER + OBEDIENCE is very very important.
without Obedience just prayer is meaningless.

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