How to Study prepare the New Topic


1)study basic principle and Formula very clearly
To understand the basic things very clearly, we have to study the lot of knowledge base & document.
2)Experience People should have answer all the tough question.
If you are struck @ any point we need to explain our problem and ask the solution to senior.
3)To improve the quality, Focus on,
a)try to solve all the error & warning message.
b)study all the option.
c)Implement the technology with full features.
4)In any of the points or topics either if it is confusing or not understand very clearly.
Refer the lot of document in google and spend your fresh time to resolve that.
Try to simulate in real time
a)practical environment and check how is it react for different option or input changes(whenever we type the command or click we should know what is happening background).
b)study what is will try to reduce the gab/confuse.
5)Some of the big topics like lustre, Grid engine, we should focus on study knowledge base at least two to three days.Study like big topics – we need to cover stage by stage.Do the everyday practice like 2 hours per day,Studying everything in one day will end up in mesh.
6)We have to complete that topic Don't PENDING JOB or POSTPONED or learn to the new topic.
Try to complete that Full topic, IMPROVE the QUALITY. or else you will known the lot of topics
but we don't logical part and can not improve trouble shooting skill.

7)Preparation Point Prespective
Interview Based
Project Based/work on the Customer site

How To Install New Software (or) Package
1)Studying the basic knowledge base very clearly.
2)while ./configure generate the proper log file.
3)solve all the dependency problem.
4)once get the error message try
a)First find the root cause of the problem
b)try to solve in different possibilities. 

Prepare Documentation.

1)Documentation plays vital role to study new topics.
Once complete the installation or studying.prepare standard documentation in video,blogger, is really helpful in the future.Documentation is Very Very important.

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