How To Configure Printer In Linux


1)To configure Printer In Linux we know
a)Printer IP
b)Printer Exact Model.
Step 1)/etc/init.d/cups service Start the cpus service.
Step 2) Open the printer Con-fig applet-> system-config-printer (or) To configure
the printer via web interface http://IP-Address:631/.
Step 3) set the Basic Printer Settings
Step 4)Depends upon the setup choose the printer connection.
Like – Windows printer via smb - Serial Port Printer 1
- Enter the Device URI Printer -
a)Show printers shared by other systems
b)show published printer connected to this system
Step 5) Finally select the printer OEM and Printer Model type.

2)/etc/cups/printers.conf Printer Configuration File
3) Printer Command
#lpq – Get the Printer Queue Status
#lp And lpr – Print the file.
4) Printer Configuration Related Error Message.
cat /var/log/messeage printer error message.
May 15 15:17:41 Hostname hpiod: invalid uri:hp:/no_device_found io/hpiod/system.cpp 1331
May 15 15:17:41 Hostname no_device_found: INFO: open device failed; will retry in 30 seconds...
May 15 15:17:41 Hostname python: hpssd[2877] error: Invalid device URI
May 15 15:17:48 Hostname printer-3:10: prnt/hpijs/hpcups.cpp 388: ERROR: unable to set device = HP LaserJet M1005, err = 48
May 15 15:17:48 Hostname printer-3:10: prnt/hpijs/hpcups.cpp 682: hpcups: returning status 1 from main

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