How To Database Application Project Take backup


Database Application Project Important life cycle
1)Install the Application
2)connect to the database
3)Properly Backup the database Project.

1)INSTALL DATABASE : Download the proper Application source code package and install it.
2)CONNECT TO THE DATABASE:Properly create the database and database user name.
(before starting we should know about the particular database. 1)How to connect the datatbase. 2) create & display database, table , user. ). Finally connect the application to the database with proper – Database – Username – IP.
Example Database Application Projects are.
1)Nagios NRPE
2)OpenErp project
3)Proper Backup :Backup should be very clear. Once we automate the backup then next day,we have to check to restore the backup. whether is it working properly or not.
1)Backup should be take with correct option.
2)then only if anything going wrong we can restore the backup with out any issue.
Note: For automated activites we have to test after one or two days It will reduce risk.

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