How To Be Work Proactive In IT Company.


1)Documentation - Mail & Backup
a)should answer from all the points.
b)Don't confuse it should simple and best.
c)Take the appropriate timing and don't rush to send mail.
d)Don't Confuse.
e)Don't fear
f)what we know, we have to produce in Standard manner. Compare to others.
g)Take the appropriate time
We have to our Daily job in Standard Manner.
IT Company Daily Working Tools
1)Mail Client (Signature, Backup Mail Box)
2)Folder & File [Organizational Structural]
4)Sticky Notes – remember important notes
5)Printer configuration

2)Supreme Priority 
a)Even through we were working very hard or Technical strong 
Proper Communication  between mail - leave- Time management -office In/Out Timing- Complete the work @ right time without unnecessary escalation it should be valuable rather than whether we are technicaly strong or not.
How To Make Good Relationship with Manager.
1)Put first thing first.
2)Evert thing we should start @ earlier time(Improve Quality,Standard,Discipline & Avoid confusion)
3)Avoid unrelated Activities & Loss talk.
4)we have to maintain the Good relationship between Manager and us.
a)What are thing he assigns the job . we have to complete without delay.
b)what he is expecting that is what we have to deliver.
3)How To Interact With other colleagues
1)Avoid Lose talk
2)you have to use the appropriate technical words and mention differential technical terms.
3)Technical Points you should be very clear without any doubt and you should have confidence with your idea and thoughts. Don't give  up your thoughts.
4)There is no need to interact at all the time ,but we can say hi,

4)we should know about our company & our project.
a))CEO Name, Team members details, company latest policy and mails.
b)for simple things we can't skip. like I don't know.

5)Knowledge is Strength In IT Company

1)when we learn new things or technology, to make into the points.
To do the same the job don't take too much time.
2)we have to learn that topic, until when we were clear.
3)Take Responsibility & Solve the problem – feel like your own company. Don't depend on others too much for simple problem.
4)COMMUNICATION SHOULD BE VERY VERY CLEAR with correct pronunciation.

6)Quality Vs Quantity
Why we were forgetting some of the matter very frequently
Improve the Quality rather than quantity..
Don't concenerate on mulitiple Job.
concentrate only on single job and do it in best manner.

How to Prepare the Software Company Documentation
Innovations are made when conventions are broken
1)Documentation is very important role.
1)check the FONT NAME & SIZE,
3)Header & Footer,
4)Full stop,Comma,punctuation
Use the MS Word Tool
a)Page Break b)Use the Non Printing Character c)draw table
6)Take the Appropriate Time.

How To Prepare Word Document
1)Avoid the Irrelevant & Out of Box  word
2)Use only the Same technical term From top to bottom. don't user new technical word.
3)it should be simple and best.
4)Name, Place it should maintain same for all the document,
Don't maintain any difference in any of the document.
NOTE: lot of small mistake will happens while creating word document,
Before sending any documentation or any mail we have to check more than 4 to 5 times with proper interval. Note: Spent the appropriate time to prepare the document.

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