Difference Between Intel and AMD Processor


Processor mean it is micro processor main disadvantage is heat.
Processor Main Characteristics 
1)clock speed.
2)cache size.

Processor Type
1)Quad core (4 Processor)
2)Dual quad core. (8 Processor)
3)hexa-core ( 6 Processor)
4)octa-core (8 Processor)
3)Multi Core processor ( 16 to 32 Processor)

Processor Basic Operation 
1)Air thematic - Add, subtract, multiple, divide using floating Point Number
2)Move Data - Move the data from one location to another location.

AMD- Advanced Micro Device Intel

1)AMD doesn't allow as faster clock speed but,
AMD counter being able to do more operation per clock cycle.

1.2)For example
AMD Processor 9 operation per clock cycle.

1.3)Integrated Memory controller (IMC) embedded inside Micro processor to reduce the memory latency.

1.4)AMD Processor data transfer rate is faster.(AMD hyper transport integrate in to the processor -because does not wait for data from the main memory the reason is amd integrate memory controller into its processor .so data path between Processor and chip set shorten term.

2)AMD is cheaper compare to intel.

3)AMD generate lot of heat rather than Intel. processor. So we have to use better cooling power.
1)Intel is completely reversed.
Intel allow high clock speed but
they have fewer Operation per clock.

1.2)whereas intel only for 6 per clock cycle.

1.3)Integrated Memory controller implemented on their motherboard. So the memory latency will increase. But for Latest Intel Microprocessor i7 IMC embedded inside the micro processor.

2)Intel is costly compare to the AMD.

Use Command To Find The Details About CPU

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