Cluster High availability Points Tricks and Tips


1)Application Migration: cluster manager shutdown the application in one server then restart the same application on another server.
a)Server Redundancy, [ Including application, Fail over and server Clustering]
b)Storage Redundancy [ RAID and I/O Mulit path ]
c)Network Redundancy
d)Power System Redundancy.
2)/etc/cluster/cluster.conf it is XML Format file.
3)FENCING DEVICE: control the server in a cluster,  which maintain the cluster integrity, 
use variety of techniques and Hardware for Fencing:
a)APC Power Switches
b)HP's Integrated Lights out system
c)IPMI device
Fencing device we have to mention 
1)name of the Fencing Device , 2)IP address 3)user name and password
Power Fencing - Fencing use the power controller to power off inoperable node.
Fiber Channel Switch Fencing - Fencing method that disable fiber channel port 
that connect storage to an inoperable node.
1)Ip Address
2)Storage and export file system
3)user writing Script.

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