Ganglia Installation Configuration Using RPM Packages


For ganglia Monitoring we need the following required rpm package.
Master Node,
gmond - Ganglia Monitoring
gmetad - collect information & data store in local round roubin database
rrdtool - Round roubin Database tool[ /var/libs/ganglia/rrds]
web-fronend - Providing Web Interface.
Compute Node
gmond -Ganglia Monitoring.

Ganglia Configuration
Line 40
data_source "my cluster" Master-Host-Name
2)Gmetad Configuration /etc/gmetad.conf
Line 13
name = "Cluster Name"
Ganglia Database Directory /var/libs/ganglia/rrds

For Ganglia to get the PIE chart we have to install
#yum install 'php gd'
php gd - PHP with GD Library. It'll support Gif draw library.

Add the Multicast IP to the Router.
Refer Link Ganglia Add Multicast IP to the Router

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