Difference Server Type Hardware Configuration Data Center


RACK Mounted Server:
1) Rack server is typically measured by U’s scale in vertically.
Like 1U, 2U, 3U.
BLADE Server:
Blade server an additional level innovation of RACK Server.
It has two parts.
a) Blade carrier
b) Blade Server
Blade server typically placed inside the Blade Carrier by together they form blade system.

Hot Plugging like, Network ports, Power Connection, Switches are modular design.
There is no need to plug manually. Just we have to insert the blade server into blade carrier.

Tower server - pedestal server
It is used for FAT Node. It is looked like desktop CPU. server size come with 4u , 5u.

SMP - Symmetric Multiprocessing Server
1) Multiple CPU residing in one cabinet, share the same memory.
Connected by System Bus or Crossbar Switch.
2) If one CPU fails then entire SMP system is going to down.
3) it provide the scalability features, in the future
If we want to be added we can add it.
4)Symmetric Server against distributes Server.
Advantage- Everything comes with one Server. Two or more processor is connected to a single shared main memory.
NOTE. Message Passing Interface - We are using open MP due to that shared memory.
Open MP(open Multiprocessing) it support Shared memory Multiprocessing.
Shared Memory Single Memory Shared into multiple processor
Distributed Memory All the memory have their own processor.

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