Hard Disk Error - Currently Unreadable Pending Sectors smartd


while I start the Linux system, Everyting Booting perfectly.
All the Service and Run level script,
But for the login session,
it is not giving any Login window, it just show the blue screen for long time.
While I check the Log

Sep 5 12:23:37 Hostname smartd[3407]: Device: /dev/sdb, 14 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
Sep 5 12:23:37 Hostname smartd[3407]: Device: /dev/sdb, 16 Offline uncorrectable sectors

About Smartd - Self Monitoring Analysics and Reporting Technlology Daemon.
1)used for checking IDE, SATA Hard Drivers.
2)Monitoring Reliability of the hard drive and Predict Drive failures.

Disable the smartd service.
Login into the single usermod then disable that service
#chkconfig smartd off
Then try it. It will work perfectly.
Note: if you still face any issue.
Boot directly into run level 3 then try startX command.
Booting Problem in  /dev/sda /dev/sdb Pending Sector - Offline uncorrectable sectors.

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