Configure Kernel Source Code make menuconfig Upgrade New Kernel


make menuconfig Features
1)configure the Linux kernel Source Code,
2)Allow to choose the Feature of the Linux kernel.
3)make menuconfig target in the Linux kernel makefile.
4)it is Located under /usr/src/kernel/'uname -r'
Example Path : /usr/src/kernels/2.6.18-238.el5-x86_64
Under these path we have to enter the following command.
#make menuconfig
It will open the window here we can configure kernel Features.
Dependencies are
a)Linux Kernel Source
b)Make tool
3)C compiler
4)ncurses - n curses Library

How To Upgrade New Kernel.
1) Download Kernel form the, which one we need to install.
2) Extract .tgz into Kernel Source Directory /usr/src/kernels.
Ex tar kernel.tar.gz -C /usr/src/kernel
3) cd /usr/src/kernel/Kernel_Path_Name/
#make menuconfig -> choose the Features Depends on Requirement
#make Command Build the Kernel Module.
4)Build vmlinuz Package
#make bzImage -- it will Build the vmlinuz Package.
Root device is (3, 1)
Setup is 12760 bytes (padded to 12800 bytes).
System is 1995 kB
CRC accf1f38
Kernel: arch/x86/boot/bzImage is ready  (#55)
Output Kernel File is
4.1)Copy the bzimage into /boot directory in name of vmlinux-Kernel_version
#cp /usr/src/kernels/linux- /boot/vmlinuz-
5) create initrd image using mkinitrd Command.
#make modules_install
#mkinitrd  /boot/initrd-Kernel_version.img  Kernel_version
If we are not making modules_intall then we will get the following Error Message.
# mkinitrd  /boot/initrd-
/lib/modules/ is not a directory.
6) Edit the grub.conf file with New Kernel and initrd image.
Then reboot the system from the New Updated Kernel.

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