Check Linux Server Before Troubleshooting The Problem


1)Study About that Server
Hard disk-Ethernet-RAM(Memory)-OS-Kernel-Version-Hostname.

2)check status of iptables- firewall,selinux-

3)Read the Log Message /var/log/message or dmesg

4)Backup of the Important configuraiton file

5)check the hard disk speed using hdparm

6)Most Of the problem resolved by through reading the error message,

7)Read basic important entries in the file.
hostname - fully Qualified Domain Name, Ethernet address eth0, and security limit /etc/security/limit.conf,ulimit -l
 So that Read The Error Message Clearly and Slowly. Get the Logical idea Regarding what is reason for this problem.

Some of the Comman Error Message And Solution.

For Comman Booting Problem Common Booting Problem

NFS Error MESSAGE - NFS ERROR: NFS Server Hostname failed:RPC Error: Program not registered

VNCVIEWER Error Message  vncviewer unable to open display

SSH Error  Must Be Owned By Root Not Group Or World

Display Error Failed To Start The X Server

Ssh Login Error
Connect To Host IP port 22: Connection Refused

Outlook Express
Configuration Error message Error Number: 0x800CCC79

1)Physical Component & Inventory Check: Hardware & Software should be checked Properly.
2)Functional Test: Functionality of the system should be checked.
3)Performance Test: check the System efficiency
4)Reliability Test: Program & Application should run in the system at specific amount of time continuously,

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