Create User Quota Luster File System


1)when ever we create the user, first create user in mds - Meta Data Server
2)Then create same user  in the client system.
3)Create the same user in mds and client with same User Id
#useradd -u 1000 new
If we create the same User id Then only it will work perfectly.

#lfs quotaon -ugf /home
If quota is not enable then we will get the following message.if it is off
# lfs quotaoff /home/
# lfs quota /home/
user quotas are not enabled.
group quotas are not enabled.
#lfs quota /home-- list quota

List quota For particular User
#lfs quota -u new -v /home/
#useradd -g sg qtest
Set The Quota
# lfs setquota -u new --block-softlimit 2048 --block-hardlimit 3048 /home/new/
#lfs quotacheck /home -- update the quota
To Verify the Quota
[new@node1 ~]$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/new/onew.iso bs=1024KB count=2
dd: writing `/home/new/onew.iso': Disk quota exceeded
dd: closing output file `/home/new/onew.iso': Input/output error
#lfs getstripe /home/username/file.img

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