Samba Server Configuraiton In Simple 4 Step


Install Configure Samba Server GUI Mode.
1)system->Administrator ->server setting->samba
It will Open the PoP up window.
File --> Add share

Add share Directory
2.2)share Name:
2.3)Enable - writ ab, Vi sable

3)Access(tab)-Allow Access To everyone should be enable.
4)preference->Server Setting->security(tab)- > Authentication Mode:share

1)Disable the selinux & Iptables
2)we have to Give the Full permission to that share directory

Configure SAMBA SERVER in CLI(Command Line Interface) Mode
1)Edit in /etc/samba/smb.conf file.
path = /test
writable = yes
guest ok = yes
write list = + username
workgroup = mygroup
2)Create the Samba User
adduser [user-name]
passwd [Password]
smbpasswd -a [username]
Finally Restart the smb Service

From the Windows system-
1)start->run-> \\LINUX SAMBA SERVER IP\
Finally you can access that Linux directory from windows machine.
To Install Command Line Interface - Refer the Link.-Samba Server Configuration In CLI mode.
samba server Configuration In simple step by step Four step.
Easy way to Configure In 4 Four step

NOTE: samba it should ask username and password only for one session.
if it is ask more than one session then we have to check WORKGROUP.

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