Vim Editor Tutorial Tricks Tips Advanced Features


1)Vim Editor Has the Three Different mode
a)Command Mode
b)Insert Mode
c)Last Line Mode (or) (:) colon mode
2)Vim Editor To Change Lower Case & Upper Case Vice Versa
gU - Change into UPPER CASE
gu - Change into Lower Case
3)Vim editor encryption To create Password To Edit and Save file
#vim -x filename.txt
Enter the encryption Key,
While You open next time it will ask password (encryption key).
4) How to print the output to the text file
Open the vim editor
#vim jkumar.txt
Unde the Last line mode (:) colon mode
5)Auto Correct How to enable the spelling correct
:set spell - Enable spelling correct
:set nospell - Disable spelling correct
6)To get Help on Live
:help d
Just like we can get the output which one we want

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