Infiniband For Hight perfomance Computing


Infini band Is mainly used for High performance Computing because compare to Ethernet device it will provide High data transfer, it will provide Following features,
1)High throughput
2)Quality of Service
3)fail over
4)Provide High bandwidth,
Infiband throughput is upto 2.5 gigabytes per second.
By using Infinband we will get better Performance For HPC - High Performance Computing.
Infini Band Command- HPC
#/etc/init.d/openibd status
here we can try status,start,restart,
Ibstat Give the status about that command.
# ibstat
CA 'mthca0'
CA type: MT25204
Number of ports: 1
Firmware version: 1.2.0
Hardware version: a0
Node GUID: 0x0002c902002a798c
System image GUID: 0x0002c902002a798f
Port 1:
State: Initializing
Physical state: LinkUpOFED-1.5.3
Rate: 10
Base lid: 0
LMC: 0
SM lid: 0
Capability mask: 0x02510a68
Port GUID: 0x0002c902002a798d
Link layer: IB
If thee ste is State: Initializing to change state as Active try the following command, then try it.
# /etc/init.d/opensmd start
Compare to Ethernet Infni band is 25% better performance while transfer through infiniband ip
EXAMPLE:1 GB transfer it take 49 s [ethernet]
1 GB transfer it take 29 [infiniband]

Choose a Subnet Manager(Opensm)
1)Infiniband network required the Subnet manager.
2)it should run any one of the machine(or)running one of the switches
(There is no need to run all the compute nodes).

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