Linux Diff Command Diff Vimdiff Gvimdiff


diff it can be used to compare the Two files
vimdiff perform the diff using vim
gvimdiff Perform vimdiff and provide Graphical editor
diff -w file1 file2
-w ignore the white space
diff command it telling about
'<' -Mention First File word (or) character Located in the first file

'>' -Mention Second File Word (or) Character have extra word in the second file

"---" mention it will compare the same line for the two files.
< Installing setup-2.5.58-7.el5.noarch rhel5
> Installing setup-2.5.58-7.el5.noarch
We can also use the Vimdiff -> it is vim editor,
It will compare the two file using different colors and  we can can compare the n no of files like,
#vimdiff file1 file2 file3
gvimdiff -Graphical vimdiff editor.  

test1,2,3 file are locate only under the /tmp/p1 these file are not persent under /tmp/p2
#diff /tmp/p1 /tmp/p2
Only in /tmp/p1: test1
Only in /tmp/p1: test2
Only in /tmp/p1: test3

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