Pxeos How To Create pxeos Operating System For Net boot


pxeos - pxeboot configuration utility, When we try to install the Client Operating system through nfs,http,ftp,before going to install we need to create the pxeos.
#pxeos -a -i "<description>" -p <nfs|http|ftp> -D 0 -s client.example.com -L <net-location>
-k <kernel>  -K <kickstart>
# pxeos -a -i rhel5.6 -p NFS -D 0 -s -L /export/rhel5.5/ rhel5.5
Important Pxeos Option
-a — add OS to  PXE configuration.
-i " <description> " — Replace " <description> "description of OS Image.
-p <nfs|http|ftp> — mention the service NFS | HTTP | FTP which one is used for the installation.
D <0|1> — Specify "0" refers to the  it is not a diskless configuration.
-s client.example.com (OR) -s — Provide the name of the NFS, FTP, or HTTP server after the -s option.
-L <net-location> — Indicate the Location of DVD Content Document,
-k <kernel> — Specify the kernel file
-K <kickstart> — specify kickstart file.(kshclhpc2.cfg)
<os-identifier> — Specify th
Once Pxeos created To list out pxe os
#pxeos -l
Description:    rhel5.6
Protocol:       NFS
isDiskless:     False
Location:       /export/rhel5.5
pxeos configuration utility
system-config-netboot -< it will load network booting tool graphically.
Pxeos Error message
pxeos -a -i "$OS_IDENTIFIER" -p NFS -D O-s $IPADDR -L /export/$IMAGE_NAME  $IMAGE_NAME
You must enter directory of the Operating System Software
This directory must include the images/pxeboot directories
Error Mounting: mount: no such partition found
pxeboot -a -O "$IMAGE_NAME" -K nfs:$IPADDR:/export/$IMAGE_NAME/kshclhpc2.cfg -r 10000 $PXE_NTWK
linux is not PXE Operating System
Check the NFS service whether It is start NFS service perfectly or not while booting. 

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