Linux Important File Type Extension .so .a .f .c .rpm .py .sh .o


 .f file extensions
[root@jkumar GotoBLAS2]# file ftest.f
ftest.f: ASCII C program text
.h file extension
# file common_linux.h >> Header file
.so file extension

so Shared Object Files.
.so - FORTRAN 90 shared object
.so - Apache module file
.so - Executable and linkable format file
1)The Executable and Linking Format (ELF, formerly called Extensible Linking Format) it is standard file format for Object code,Shared Libraries, executable and core dumps.
2)ELF it is flexible and extensible
3)These is not any platform depented.
4)it will adopt to any Operating system.

.o for object files,
.a for shared object files
.py python shell script executable.
.sh Shell script.
.rpm red hat Package Manager
.conf configuration file

ls -l Command De pants upon the First character Output we can find out the file type.
l -symbolic link
d -directory
b - block-type special file
S - socket
c - character-type special file
p - named pipe

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