How To set alias Command Permanently /etc/bashrc


To work in the Linux user friendly or simplify work.
1)we can use Linux Shortcut.
2)create alias setting
3)write basic Shell scripting
4)set Environmental Variable.

Create Alias Command bashrc
If we are using any frequent command we can use use these option.
1)For example Frequently I go the Download Directory.
cd /tmp/Download. So I create the Alias setting for these
2)alias dwd="cd /tmp/Download" under >> /etc/bashrc
if we add these line to /etc/bashrc any user can use these setting
if it is ~/bashrc only the specified user only can only use that alias.
3)after add that line we need to restart the system to update bash.
But it will take the time. To save these time in there terminal type the command
4)Then open the terminal and try it.

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