Install Package With Configure Make Make Install .tgz Command


Most of Linux Open Source Software Package come with .tgz tarball format.
These Packages install with three command
3)make install

a)configure it is just shell script
b)configure it check lot of dependency on the current system.
c)output it has short question with [YES/NO] answer.
d)if any of the major requirement is missing then it will not continue.
e)if it is fulfill there requirement,Then
it will build new Make file.
f)make command it will read MAKEFILE
Depends upon the system architecture generate the require binary files to the specified bin location.
g)Make file Include File Path
Line 13: include ../../common/common.mkW
src/recursiveGaussian/Makefile:51:include ../../common/
it means include file contain - library path location like ldflags and all the program related header files.

1) Library Path
feq ($(USEDRVAPI),1)
OPENGLLIB += -lGLEW -L/usr/X11R6/lib
OPENGLLIB := -lGL -lGLU -lX11 -lXi -lXmu
2)Compiler option.
# Compilers
CXX := g++ -fPIC
CC := gcc -fPIC
LINK := g++ -fPIC
checking for memory.h... yes
checking whether struct hostent contains h_addr_list... yes
checking that we can build MPI programs with Fortran 77... no
while we run the make command first it is look for makefile then it will build there program as per makefile instruction,
if the make run successfully, then it is almost finish.

it will find the Install in the makefile.
when run make command without any parameter makefile begin from the start.
But when we run make with Install Parameter then make it will search the label install in the file and run only that section. In these process it will copy some of the binary file to the /usr/local/bin so that all the user can run that command.

Configure With Different Option

./configure --with-fc=0
If we want to disable some Feature like fortran compiler

./configure --with-fc=0     Disable the Fortran complier
./configure --with-mpi=0  Disable MPI
./configure --help
./configure --prefix=Installation Directory Path
./configure CC=gcc Setting the Environment Variable
./configure --enable-application= we can enable the application - browser,mail,calendar,mail,
./configure --includedir=DIR [ Include the C Header Files ]

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