Linux Folder Chkconfig Add Service Ubuntu Change Root Password Tee command


Linux How to Open the folder IN the Same Window
Default Linux setting whenever we open the Folder it will open the New Folder.So it will increase the no of windows in the will create the Lot of complex to work.
To Make it user friendly.

1)Open the folder>
Edit>preference>Behavior>Always Open in Browser Windows.

2) How to add New service to chkconfig
#chkconfig --add ServiceName
#chkconfig --add pbs

3) For Ubuntu version How to login to to the root
Actually All the Ubuntu version root is not enable using sudo command we can do the all the root Super User privilege.
#sudo command
#sudo passwd root
Using the above command we can update the ubuntu root password.

4)ls | tee ls.log
It will list out files and directory at the same time it will write to the output to the
ls.log file.

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