SSH Login Error Message: MANPATH: Undefined variable man.csh


Server, When I Login From the Master to the client Node.
I got the following error message.d
[redhat5@master ~]$ ssh node6
Last login: Tue Jan 25 11:45:11 2011 from
MANPATH: Undefined variable.
[redhat5@node6 ~]$
MANPATH VARAIBLE is declare but these value is not assign.
So create the man.csh file under the /etc/profile
csh refers to the C ShellSSH Login Error Message
cat man.csh
if ($?MANPATH) then
setenv MANPATH "${MANPATH}:/usr/man"
setenv MANPATH "/usr/man"
setenv command is used to set environment variable.
After create the file then again try it.
It will work perfectly.MANPATH: Undefined variable.

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