Basic About ORACLE DATABASE control file redolog files Table Space DDL DML


ORACLE DATABASE is a collection of data in a unit,
purpose of data is store and retrieve data,
To maintain the quality of the database server prevent unauthorized access and provides quality solution whenever unclean shutdown occur.

control file it contain the physical information of the data.
all the oracle database contain the control contain,
database name,timestamp,location,redlo files,
all the oracle database contain two or more redo log files.
set of redo log file called redo log database.
To prevent the failure redo log failure maintain the multiplexed redo log file.
so two or more copies of redo log maintain the different disk.
if unexcepted power failure occur by applying redo log file we can getback the database.
Logical Oralce Database Structure
Table space
database divided into the logical unit called table space.
Data Defination Language ( DDL )
Maintain the permit a user to grant other user privilage to access database
Data Manipulation Language (DML)
insert,update,delete,select query retreive data from the databse,
Transcation Control Statements

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