rsync Shell Script Incremental Backup


write the Shell Script rsync Incremental Backup

#rsync -avz --delete /boot /backup/
save as
#vi /etc/crontab
12 15 * * * root sh /tmp/backup.log 2>&1
It will store there output into the /tmp/backup.log file
it will run these command at 3:12 PM
it will make the as rsync backup as  automated process.

--delete option if the destination has any extra file if it is not per sent in the source then it will delete the document form the destination.
--log-file=/backup/$(DOM)/rsync_log >> it will maintain the log file
--exclude-from=/root/exclude-data >> what are files & direction mention here It will not copy or Transfer the data while synchronize.
How to write the Shell script for rsync Incremental Backup.

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